Abigail Sue Murphy


Abigail Murphy


House of Corrie ten Boom

“I don’t know who’s going to represent Mill Basin at King’s after you’re gone, but congratulations on your graduation! Thank you for being a bright light in my Shakespeare and Russian Novels classes.”

— Dr. Ethan Campbell

Ethan Campbell


House of Corrie ten Boom


  • The Publius Society President
  • Featured in a New York Post story
  • Wrote articles for a church magazine
  • Wrote articles for King’s 101
  • Executive Assistant for a Financial Advisor
  • Intern at the Philos Project
  • Nominee for The King’s College 2020 William Wilberforce Award

Notes for Abigail

My sweet friend, love you so much and I’m so proud of you! I will greatly miss you popping into my office with your bright smile and wonderful optimism. In the three years I have known you, I have had the privilege to watch you blossom and flourish. The Lord’s blessings and wisdom be with you as you go forward from here into the paths He has for you. Keep making people smile!

Abby, you’ve been a compulsively curious presence at King’s. There’s no higher compliment and I’ve enjoyed watching you grow in wisdom over the years. You’ve really redeemed the Murphy name. 😉

Abby, I’ve loved our conversations over the years. Thanks for sharing your thoughtfulness and curiosity with me. Also, just think about it, you did it. We’re “here” celebrating your graduation. Your past self would be so delighted. Well done!

Simply put, you are one of my most favorite people. So unique, kind, and wonderful. Thanks for your insightful perspective, challenging questions, and bubbly invitations. May the Lord bless you and keep you as you move into the next seasons of life.

Nibbles can’t write a comment because (hopefully) he is dead, but thank you for bringing so much joy to my life last year! You’re an absolute sweetheart who in all our conversations has always been a true reflection of Christ’s love and compassion. I owe you a drink along with the rest of the 720 gang once this blows over. 🙂


I don’t have enough words to describe how proud I am of the hard work, energy, and love your poured out for our community and your school. I love you and will miss you at school more than you know.

You will be my Betsie (and bestie!) always.

Numbers 6:24-26


Abby, your zest for truth is infectious. From philosophy sleepovers to movie nights, you filled my experience and the King’s community at large with laughter and a deeper appreciation for the tradition of which we’re part. So proud of you and all that you are. Goodnight to Publius and no one else!!

Where to begin? The last year has been such an adventure in getting to know each other and *finally* becoming friends. The last six months getting to study and work together have been especially dear to my heart.

Thank you for loving me and others the way you do.
Proud of you!!

I will forever cherish our confusion in PBI. Why does David matter so much? What does looking at the heart really mean? And how in the world does 1 Sam 16 apply to the church today? Hopefully we will come up with some answers soon. But even if we don’t fully grasp the implications, I have full faith that you will continue to uncover the mystery in your study of the Old Testament. I think we will be OT pals till the end.

Murphy! I don’t know if people tell you enough, but you are brilliant. I am so thankful you were (and are) my friend and have blessed me with your kindness and wisdom. I am so thankful I got to know you and I’ll miss our stare downs in the hallway.

Abby, thank you for welcoming me to King’s with your love, kindness, wisdom, and giggles! I will miss seeing you at school but I’m so excited for you in your next chapter in life!


When I met you freshman year, it was “Oh yeah, and that’s Peter Murphy’s sister, I guess.” I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten to know you a bit better since then. Always faithful, always funny, your presence is a welcome one wherever you go. Thanks for captaining the ship this year, and best of luck in the post-grad world!!

Eddie VanZandt

Abby, I am so thankful for your friendship! You are such a thoughtful, caring, hilarious person and I’m so glad I get to call you friend!

Abby, thank you for being a constant member of the girls game night gang and for always making me laugh. I am so proud of you for all of your hard work these past four years and I hope to see you again soon! 🙂

Jibs! I’m so proud of you. You’ve come a long way from forgetting to register for classes to graduation! Thank you for the years of honest friendship and for letting me tag along in your last semester at King’s! Such good luck.

Congratulations and so much love to you on this great accomplishment.
It has been an absolute joy to have known you for all these years.
May you continue to be a beautiful ray of sunshine as you continue to excel in all the plans that the Lord has set out for you.
Love and prayers always

Abigail Murphy. I am so so grateful for all of your love and encouragement the past 4 years. Your smile and humor is infectious, and your never ending reflection is something that I can’t keep up with, but admire deeply. I love who you are and who God has made you to be. Join your dad and get a motorcycle so we can start a gang 😉

Abby, you are such a gift to this world. I’m always amazed at your endless curiosity, your love for God and all that is good, and all of the wisdom you carry with you. I’m so grateful for your friendship, your joy, your laugh, and can only pray I’ll grow to be more like you in these things. You will bless so many people, wherever life leads you. Please let’s stay in touch!!!

Abby Murphy you are one of a kind! Your zest for learning and life are unmatched, as are your fishbowl-charades skills. I love how deeply you care about important ideas and how incredibly kind you are to everyone. You are always a ray of sunshine and your smile always makes my day. I am SO ready for more girl game nights soon! I love you!

Abby! You were one of the brightest lights in my first year at King’s, truly, and I am beyond thankful that I get to be in your house and have gotten to work with you through Publius. Your joy, honest and tenacious search for truth, and your love for others are an inspiration for me. I hope I can be as cool and wise as you when I grow up.

Abby, you are so great! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you these past four years. You never failed to make me smile or laugh whenever I’d bump into you around campus. I have a lot of respect for you, and I’m really excited to see what God has in store for you!

Congrats Abby!

Thank you for always being so encouraging.
I’ll miss your laughter and contagious joy at school but I’m excited to see where the Lord takes you! Much love!!

My sweet, sweet Abby! I am so very proud of you for this great accomplishment. I know how hard you have worked and you deserve so much praise. Everything that you seek to accomplish you do it well and with the greatest intentions. I admire that about you. We have had the pleasure of watching each other grow up and I treasure that so deeply. I am so excited for all the ways you will change this crazy world. I love you deeply and pray the Lord’s blessing over this next season.

ABBY!! I love you!! So proud of you!! Congratulations!! So glad you’ve been in my life for so long !!! I wish you all the best and success in the next coming years!! ❤️❤️❤️

Precious Abby! I’ve read everyone else’s notes for you and they are only but a scratch at the surface of what an amazing woman of God you are and are still becoming. It’s been incredible watching you grow over these last four years and it is so admirable how you much apply all that you’ve learned to all parts of life. You only make people’s lives richer, girl. I am so thankful for your teachable spirit. It is also evident that you adorn yourself with a gentle and quiet spirit- you are precious in God’s sight. Congratulations Abigail!!!!!

So so so so thankful to have known you these last four years. You are a treasure. Thank you for being so kind and encouraging. I will miss you LOTS!

Congrats to you Abigail! This is a crazy time to be graduating and just living life. Do not let it overshadow what you have accomplished. And as I told Daniel you can likely get sympathy points in any job interview for at least 5 years! The Lord bless you!

Abby! I’m very thankful I met you at King’s. I love your inquiry, you’re always ready to ask a meaningful question that provokes thought and it amazes me how you can do that! Plenty of times in Publius or Ten Boom, you’ve inspired me to think though something differently. You are a joy to be around and love your care for everyone around you. Congratulations Abby!

Abby!!! I’m so proud of you, you’re a ray of sunshine always, emanating beauty and caring to everyone around you even at your most stressed. So grateful for your friendship from the childhood years, high school, and now graduating into this world-wide pandemic. You can do anything you can set your mind and I love you so much!

Congratulations, Abby! I am so thankful I had the privilege of meeting you this year before you graduated! Your kind and welcoming spirit is a blessing to everyone you interact with. All the best to you, whatever comes next!

How is it possible that we both grew up in the same place but I have only come to know you now? I am so glad I did. You are amazing, radiant, loving, and so smart. Another stellar Murphy. I look forward to hearing about what’s next for you. Please come back and visit. Thank you for all you have given to King’s! Blessings to you!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

God bless you Abigail & Congratulations on graduating from The King’s College. Your godly reputation precedes you and it is an honor to extends words of joy to you as you celebrate this wonderful achievement. May the One who keeps you, who made you, and watches all your steps, direct you in all ways as you head off to next phase of life.

God Bless you!


ABBY! Congrats to my fellow Brooklynite! I cherish all the times where we took the BM1 to school in the mornings. Thanks for understanding the commuter life and for always making me laugh out loud. You are such a beautiful soul and I admire your compassion and grace. I am grateful for your friendship and I thank you for being one of my biggest cheerleaders. I wish you all the best as you enter this next phase of your life. I love you!

Hello Abigail,

Thank you for changing my life and for being my Betsie. Truly, without you, I probably would have never stayed with King’s. You are such a kind soul and I love you so deeply. I couldn’t imagine life without your smile and I am so excited to see where the Lord leads you next(: See you soon for our Brooklyn adventures asa the world is okay again!


Where does the time go? We met you when you were only 8 years old. And Since then you have been nothing but a delight in our lives. You are a warm, godly, loving, young lady and we are blessed to know you. May you continue to love and trust God as you embark on new endeavors. Congratulations on 4 years well done! We love you!

Abby! You have one of the most curious and beautiful minds I’ve ever known. I love listening to you put ideas together. Thank you for being a wonderful friend and for your infectious joy!

Abby!! You are amazing: a relentless pursuer of truth, an emphatic laugher, a strong mind, and a heart for beauty. I’m so so glad to know you!!! I can’t wait to meet up again at the dead poet soon and hear all of your incredible thoughts on life. Love you lots and wishing you all the best ❤️

Congratulations Abby! So very happy for you and excited to see the ways the Lord will use your many gifts. Much love from our family.

Abby! You are such a fun and joyous person. I simply love being around you (and enduring philosophy classes with you). Keep asking good questions and just generally bringing lots of joy into all the places you find yourself.

I’m very thankful we became friends in Israel. Wish we had known each other longer…you are full of wisdom, joy, friendship, and service. You speak and inquire truth and it’s admirable. Love you lots and hope to see you in the near future!

Abigail, I thoroughly enjoyed having you as a student in every course that you took with me. You have an inquiring mind and a very generous heart. Please stay in touch! I wish you many blessings in your life after King’s.

Abby – So happy for you! It’s been a joy knowing you ever since we met after my session at Fall Retreat. Thanks for being a friend to my boys. Wishing you the best!

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