Amarachukwu Shakuri Ananeme-Oguhebe


Amarachukwu Oguhebe


House of Corrie ten Boom

“I enjoyed having you in my Calculus class. I appreciated how you kept me on my toes and asked questions in class when no one else would! All the best to you in your future plans.”

— Dr. Phillip Williams

Phillip Williams


House of Corrie ten Boom


  • Refuge
  • Led gospel choir at FA17 Retreat
  • Assistant Director, “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,” at St. John’s of Greenpoint
  • Musician


  • Women’s Volleyball (2015)

Notes for Amarachukwu

Amara!! Girl I am so proud of you!! I know it hasn’t been easy, but you are a gift to this college, and a gift to this world. I am so happy for you, so proud and I know you’re going to go on to do amazing things as you continue to let your beautiful voice be heard. Love you!

I’m so proud of you Amara! You are amazing, beautiful, and fierce, and an inspiration to me and many others. I’m sorry your graduation had to happen during this time, but I hope you’re still able to celebrate this accomplishment. I’m excited for all life has in store for you!!

Congratulations! I’m so proud of you. What an amazing accomplishment. So excited for your future and what lies ahead for you. Onward!

From pep-talks in classrooms about conquering micro to having dinner in Harlem with our littles, you’ve made me crack up and sharpened me up. I miss you, brilliant and beautiful woman! Keep belting and dancing your heart out <3 Congratulations!

Amara as wild and loud as you are that’s how much I loved and appreciated having you as a friend and a member of The Table. You are extremely talented and I know God will continue to bless you and protect. ~Always with love, your Naija sister

Congrats Isura! Thanks for encouraging me and bringing your unmatched energy when I needed it the most. I wish you the best in all your future ventures and following your dreams!

Never one to shy away from a challenge. I still remember every so often to fix my posture because of you and I also know you will do great things in the future!

Congratulations Ms. Oguhebe wishing you all the best so excited for you and what lies ahead.

PROFESORRRRRR, Ma’am, Aunty… I remember all your visits to my office; I won’t explain the titles, it will be our joke. You were and are a blessing. I cannot wait to see where you go from here.

Amara, I will never forget the day you told me how much of a nightmare your freshman year was for you. Now seeing you as a graduate, and knowing how much you had to fight to get to this point is not something that should go unmentioned. Congratulations on seeing this to completion and overcoming the many challenges that tried to break you. All the Love xxAngel


I’m so glad to see you making it across the finish line. I’ve been cheering you on from day 1, and I’m proud to be cheering you on now. You’re a dynamic, bold, and compassionate creative with so much character and heart to share with the world.

You did it girl!! Now, go get em!!

Amara! You never failed to blow me away with your amazing vocals. I will never forget your concert and I’ll always remember that 99′ is still 90s! I love you and I pray that God will bless you in this next chapter of your life!

Amara!! You are such a special person and I have enjoyed getting to know you and having class with you! You are gonna do great things! Much love, Forceps 🙂

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