Amelia Christine Lehosit

Summa Cum Laude


Summa Cum Laude
Amelia Lehosit


House of Sojourner Truth

“Amelia, it’s been a pleasure having you in my classes, from College Writing when you wrote that story about the dumpster, to the Tolkien medieval lit course. Thanks for all your help as my FA, and good luck in grad school – I’m sure you’ll excel at whatever program you choose!”

— Dr. Ethan Campbell

Ethan Campbell


House of Sojourner Truth


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • The King’s College Leadership Scholarship
  • Faculty Assistant to Associate Professor Dr. Ethan Campbell (FA 2018 – SP 2019)
  • Faculty Assistant to Assistant Professor Dr. Steele Brand (SP 2018 – SP 2019)
  • Scholar for the House of Truth ( 2017 – 2018)
  • Interregnum Associate for the House of Truth (2018 – 2019)
  • President’s List
  • Scholar’s Semester at Oxford (FA 2019)
  • Nominee for The King’s College 2020 MCA Academic Excellence Award

Notes for Amelia

Amelia, congrats to you for achieving this milestone! I was always so impressed by your ambition and I know you are going to do great things.

Congratulations you powerhouse woman! I’m so proud of you and thankful to have known you these past years. You made my first year at King’s so special Amelia. Thank you for everything. Go take over the world!

You are one of the sharpest people I know, and I’m so thankful that you ended up in Truth! There’s few other people I would want to struggle through Interregnum with or find sitting in the back corner of the faculty offices. 🙂 I’m excited for your future in Seattle, and I can’t wait to see what you contribute to the world of academia and beyond!

You are an actual genius and so deserving of that PhD. Some of my best memories from Israel involve our dinner conversations and wandering the markets – grateful to know ya and excited for you!

Amelia, I will be forever grateful for your guidance and support. You helped me find my way at King’s. You are a brilliant scholar, and I know the best is yet to come. Study on!

Thank you so much for lending me Percy Jackson in 6th grade and becoming my friend during those awkward middle school years. We survived high school Latin classes, a summer in Vietnam, a trek through Israel, and college in New York. Beyond thankful for your friendship and you’re going to kill it in grad school!

Amelia, I firmly believe that you are truly one of the most brilliant students to have walked the halls of King’s (and also the funniest, as anyone who has been graced with one of your study guides is bound to know). I can’t wait to read the incredible articles and books you’re bound to write, and I hope grad school treats you well!!

You are brilliant and kind. Thank you for loving so deeply. Thank you for letting me come sit on your apartment floor probably more times than what was appropriate. You are beautiful inside and out. I can’t wait to see the world you build.


As far as I am concerned, you are the mascot and the exemplar of the King’s Class of 2020. You endured a very difficult year of service to your House on the exec team. You consistently earned stellar grades. You single-handedly reorganized the way that Brand does his classes – and Brand is an organized man already. You are a true role model and an inspiration to the rest of us. Best of luck in the years to follow.

Eddie VanZandt

Amelia, when I say I would have been a wreck junior year without you, I mean it. From the grumpy morning meetings to the Mormon church report, you braved it all with me. I love and respect you so much. You are steadfast and kind. You pour your whole heart into whatever you do, and you maintain your standard of excellence. You are witty and funny. You anticipate people’s needs before they even say anything. You never change who you are based on who you’re around. I still use the Emma sticky notes you got me for my birthday last year, and I smile whenever I use them because they remind me of you! Working with you and Dr. Brand was one of my favorite parts of King’s and I really wish we could have had another year doing it together. I hope that you are a professor one day because you will be PHENOMENAL at it, but you’ll be good at whatever you choose to do. I miss seeing you every week and I’m still holding out for our photo with Dr. Brand. Congrats on an amazing academic record at King’s and at Oxford and for raising the standards of excellent work. Sending my love!

Amelia! I can’t believe fast the time has flown. I still remember the heart attack you gave me at basketball comp your Freshman year. But I shouldn’t have worried, because you are truly one of the toughest people I’ve ever met.

You’re incredibly brilliant, determined, and I have no doubt that your next steps in life will be big ones.

Thank you for letting me be a small part of your college experience. Love ya still lady and am wishing you all the best. CONGRATULATIONS!!

Amelia! It’s been wonderful to get to know you in the time we overlapped at King’s. I’m so excited for you to start grad school — please keep in touch!

Ugh congrats. Your tweets satisfy the literary academic deep inside my soul so please never stop tweeting.


Being your friend has been illuminating and delightful. The fact that you have kept me up to date about graduation since December speaks to our individual personalities so well. From talking about life over mangos to overanalyzing an umbrella I purchased there is never a conversation that seems out of place.

P.S. I swear I’ll read Pride and Prejudice soon

Amelia! I’ll never forget bonding with you over our mutual stress that Hebrew Lit would tank our GPAs….what silly, stressed-out freshman we were! You are a force to be reckoned with and I am so excited for you on your next academic adventure. Can’t wait to see all you achieve! Congratulations on finishing this chapter of your academic journey!

Dearest Daughter,
It is the morning of your graduation…and no, it’s not supposed to look like this. It should have been subway rides, Broadway, Ample Hills, Brooklyn, fancy dinners and a toast to a job well done. But instead our beautiful and rugged PNW is showing off with all her might, giving you a lovely day to reflect and celebrate. Your family is beyond proud of you! And while your stellar academic performance speaks to your profound commitment to excellence, it is your embracing of the unknown and the challenge of stretching of yourself to the point of no longer having any more to give, that we are truly in awe of.
You extended both in person and in mind.
The introvert becoming the extrovert…a well filled candy dish, comfy rug, an open door with help offered both in academics and emotional support. The academic reaching new fulfillment and joy in the English countryside beneath The Spires…never let that A- be felt as failure, but rather a victory that you allowed a beautiful and life changing experience to over come perfectionism. You still are an Oxford First!
Amelia, thank you…thank you for sharing an incredible journey with us and being such a tremendous role model to your siblings. The University of Washington doesn’t know what a gem they are receiving in you…and I am grateful to be oh so much closer as you begin your PhD journey in the fall.
Dr. A.C. Lehosit is sure gonna look good on you!!
With Love,

Congratulations Amelia!! So proud of you and all your accomplishments ☺️ You did it and you did it well 🥳

Amelia, your work ethic, intelligence, and strength of character were a constant encouragement to and inspiration for me at King’s. I am so grateful I could talk about grad school aspirations with a peer who understood them, and am so excited to watch you thrive at the University of Washington! You’re absolutely amazing, have the kindest soul, and will excel wherever God leads you.

Congratulations, Amelia!
I cannot express how thankful I am for your friendship. You’ve always treated me and others with unconditional kindness! I was sad that you weren’t physically here on campus to finish out senior year, but it makes me happy to know you were out there living your best life!

Amelia, Before they close the digital yearbook, I wanted to congratulate you on your very high level of achievement at King’s. I greatly enjoyed having you in Foundations of Politics in spring 2017 and wish you much success in your doctoral program.

Amelia!! I so enjoyed having a million Campbell classes together and getting to nerd out about literature, assigned or not. I love your weird sense of humor and miss hanging out in the lions den. Congrats on grad school! I know you’ll kill it!

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