Andres Sebastian Martinez


Andres Martinez


House of Ronald Reagan

“You’ve benefitted your House, your major, and your College. We look forward to seeing what’s next. Let’s keep the conversation going.”

— Dr. Joshua Kinlaw

Joshua Kinlaw


House of Ronald Reagan


  • Driehaus Scholar of the ICAA (Institute of Classical Architecture & Art)

Notes for Andres

Congratulations, Andres! May God bless you in you in architecture school and beyond. Looking forward to seeing where your career takes you.

Andrés! Excited for you in these next years of training. You’re one of the most tenaciously curious students I’ve ever known (and that is saying A LOT at King’s). I am genuinely excited to see the structures you produce and hope that you’ll keep in touch as you’re able!!!

Andres! Congratulations! I can remember our early conversations and am just so excited for you and this accomplishment. Happy Graduation and I wish you the very best in this next season!


Congratulations, friend. You have been one of the most influential people I have known at King’s. Your curiosity and humility in seeking what is good have been a solid example to everyone who got to know you. You have been, and will be, missed dearly.

Andres! We’ve had some funny memories together in NYC. You’re a smart, fun guy, I know you’ll do great things. All the best!

Andres!! I miss you and our Andres-Fritz-Jon seating in the front of Arts & Ideas. Someday I will come visit you in California to see the incredible work you’re doing out there. Congrats 🙂

Andres I wish we were friends sooner. We have so much in common and I will always be down to talk about football with you. Please keep in touch and I hope to hear from you soon! You are gonna do great things!

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