Caroline Burchett

Cum Laude

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Cum Laude
Caroline Burchett


House of Corrie ten Boom

“Caroline, I am exceedingly pleased that you took several courses with me in the last two years and that we had opportunities to converse outside class. I admire your inner strength and resolve and congratulate you heartily on your graduation. Please stay in touch!”

— Dr. David Tubbs

David Tubbs


House of Corrie ten Boom


  • Dean’s List
  • Intern at Fellowship for Performing Arts
  • Legal Intern at Mosaic Family Services
  • Legal Assistant at the Law Offices of Laura Leibfreid
  • Volunteer Mentor at Youth Boxing for Change

Notes for Caroline

You’re a boss! Can’t wait to see what God has planned for you (read that in the least Christianese way possible).

Wow, everyone has a challenging time during college, but your journey has been particularly difficult. Thanks for sharing the frustrations, the lessons, and the opportunities with us. We love your no-nonsense, your quick wit, and your infectious presence. Congrats and may God bless your next season.

You have an inner strength–and outward strength–that is admirable, Caroline! Like Dr. Johnson said, you truly are a boss!! You are resilient and I am SO PROUD of you! With Jesus at the helm, you will go forth and do amazing things for God’s Kingdom. I will miss your fierce love, humor, and beautiful smile around campus, but I am so excited for this new season! Congrats–GO CELEBRATE!! (Did I include exclamation marks after almost every sentence? Yes, yes, I did.)

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matt. 6:33)

Carol! You always have a joke to crack at just the right moment. You’re incredibly sharp and care very strongly for people. Keep it up.

You must have known I would write you on here. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to watch mystery shows and watch you eat your Ben and Jerry’s all over again.

Proud of you sister.

Congratulations, Caroline! I can’t wait to see what comes next for you and hope you keep in touch.

Caroline! I’m going to miss your bright smile in the hallways. You are such a joy and I’m so thankful to have been in tenBoom with you!

Caroline, I thought we were going to butt heads when we lived together junior year, but then I realized that I was living with one of the kindest, coolest, funniest people and we became close friends. Thanks for trying to teach me how to box, always making me laugh, and for being such a dear friend!


Graduating cum laude is a rare achievement, and not a lot of people can tout that. In addition to academic feats of excellence, a good wit and sense of humor, and a constant and strong moral character, you have one more brag: you’re the only person that’s ever brought me to a boxing tournament.

You sure made life interesting, fun, and weird (and yes, weird is a compliment. Accept it). I don’t know whether I should wish you good luck in your boxing career, or safe travels on your cross-country motorcycle roadtrip, or success at getting into law school, or resilience as you single-handedly save the planet from environmental collapse. I don’t know if you want to be a world record weightlifter or head of the Coast Guard or Madam President, and frankly I don’t think you know either. But, what I do know, is you’re one of the most stubborn and resilient people I’ve ever met, and whatever you finally decide to do in life, you’ll do it well and you won’t stop until you’re one of the best in your field (which you inevitably will be). Thank you for four fun years of friendship, and I hope to keep hearing from you as you go forth and do… something. Something cool.

Wishing you happiness and success,
Eddie VanZandt

Caroline you inspire me so much. You have every character trait and quality that I wish I had! I have never known anyone more perseverant or determined. I love that you don’t take any nonsense and that you easily speak your mind. You know what you want and you go for it. Your resolve is impressive, but so is your kindness and care for your friends. I wish your time at King’s had been different in many ways. I can’t imagine anyone handling everything that you did. You are witty, kind, strong, and smart. I have loved every conversation I’ve had with you and I hope there are many more in the future. Don’t leave me for Texas please! <3

Caroline, you have no idea how grateful I am that you are in my life. Your bright and passionate spirit is always so encouraging and I know you are going to do amazing things in the future. I’ve loved our movie nights and hangouts and I always love how we can literally know exactly how the other person is feeling just by looking at each other. I love you so much and wish all the best for you.

Caroline, you honestly amaze me. Your honesty, determinance, and humor have been such a delight to experience. Whether it was a random conversation at the tables or a Ten Boom Tuesday you bring people so much joy! And of course need to mention I’m super amazed at your boxing!!

My dear friend, you rock my world. You’re fearless and you’re a true champ. So proud of you, my girl- you made it to the end and powered through like no other. Love, your fellow redheaded, metaphysical (not really tho), tenboomer, hair-stroker, cuddler, and admirer.

You are remarkably kind, intelligent, and fierce. Never minimize how much you have accomplished and how much you have overcome. I’m so proud to be your friend. Thank you for giving me the privilege of walking through the past few years with you. You did it!!

I’ll ever forget our wild time at the Climate Challenge with John Stott. One of the weirdest experiences of my undergraduate education, lol! I enjoyed all our classes together and valued your insight. You will do great things wherever you end up!

Over the past few years, you have become one of the first things that come to my mind when I hear the word strength. It has been a pleasure to be your friend, especially through this last semester, as you handle incredible hard times with grace, wisdom, and faith. I’m glad that we even found time to laugh and live in the middle of all of it. My dearest hope for you is that you go into the future with people you know you can depend on, people that will never let you down, and that you find the burdens of the past to be lighter and the hope of the future to be brighter.
I love you dearly and will miss knowing that you are near,

Hey there! You’re finished. You are amazing, Miss Burchett. Congratulations!


You did it! I’m so proud of you, even if it means you moving away. I’m going to miss hanging out with you, whether it’s you making me the best latte ever (I’m now addicted to that lavander honey tea, so thanks for that), talking about cultural anthropology, making pies, or windowshoping for thing’s we can’t afford (yet).

I’m truly honored to have known you these last few years. Thank you for being such an example of steadfastness in friendship, faith, and inner strength.

I can’t wait to see where God leads you in the next few years. Keep boxing and being a blessing to everyone around you.

Caroline, my favorite memory with you was walking down Wall Street while you explained how you knew you were beautiful and why you weren’t surprised when other people noticed. You are beautiful, but it’s the unapologetic, spunky, no-nonsense texas thing you have going on that makes you one of my favorite people I got to know at Kings. Thanks for making me bolder and inspiring me to punch people in the face (I mean, I haven’t yet, but like, inspiration). Goodbye, stranger. It’s been nice. Hope you find your paradiiiiiiiiii—iii–iiise.

CAROLINE! What a blessing you have been these last years! Your spirit is one that is so special. I admire how hard you work and how you love those around you. I am so thankful to be known by you! Margs on me when were both in Texas! YOU ARE THE BOMB

Congrats lovely lady. You are smart, kind, brave, and strong. I have always appreciated and admired your presence, humor, and determination.

Wow you always impress me, and I am going to miss running into you on the elevators or in the streets of New York. You have such a heart for people. You are bold and give 110% in the causes you care about!

Maybe one day I’ll join you at the boxing gym lol!

My sweet Carol! I love you so dearly and literally cannot imagine my life without you. You are my rock! I will never forget meeting each other on move in day and our awkward little conversation about the honor code as we unpacked dishes (lol)! God is good for randomly matching us as roommates freshman year and putting you in my life. I cannot wait to see all that you accomplish and I am so beyond proud of you!! For the love of Nickelback and starting prank wars (to which I always lost), I love you sweet friend!

Aggghh, I don’t even know what to say! Caroline, I’m just blown away by the strength and kindness of your heart. I’m always overjoyed when I get to talk to you because you have a way of being so funny and genuine, and so poignant and wise at the same time. I hope to, one day, finally take a kick-boxing lesson from you but even if that doesn’t happen, I’m so stoked for all that life holds for you. Congratulations!!

Caroline! You are such a BA. Even though our paths seems to always just miss crossing at King’s, I am so glad to know you even a little. You have such strength and dignity and it inspires me. I know you will be a force to be reckoned with—no matter where you choose to go from here!

You are truly lovely and beautiful inside and out. What a joy it was to get to know you. I am excited to see what the future holds for you. You will be so missed! Blessings to you.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”- Jeremiah 29:11

Caroline, I feel like we’ve never been especially close but we’ve had some really great conversations over the years, like that one time recently outside the King’s library about the tweet. Hope we can continue that tradition after college!

Ms. Burchett Congratulations, Going to miss our morning conversations and our handshake greeting every morning wishing you all the best.

Caroline, my love for you is beyond words. Your strength inspires me to weather the storms of my own life. I cherish our hilarious talks in your apartment and all the times that we laughed till our sides hurt. Thanks for showing me around Dallas and for an unforgettable journey that we shared together since freshman year! I enjoyed watching you grow into such an amazing woman. I love you so much and I know that you are going to be such a dynamic attorney!!



CONGRATS! Thank you for being such a kind ten Boom sister! You are such a kind friend, always able to make me smile! I cannot wait to see where you go next(:


CAROL YOU DID IT. You have been a rock for me, even from miles and miles away. I’m so proud of you. Through every obstacle, you come out stronger. Thank you for opening up to Alexa and me on the Hanover roof within three days of move-in. You are truly the most down-to-earth, hilarious, and loving human I have ever met. Thank you God for giving me a top-bunk buddy who always brought me peanut butter. ♥︎


Girl, you’re a GRADUATE!! So proud of you and all your accomplishments. Thank you for always speaking up for justice and truth; I will forever be inspires by your strength and tenacity and boldness 🙌🏼 Keep breaking ceilings, shorty!

Hi, hello, there. You are my dear friend, and I like you very much indeed. Here are some facts about you. 1) You are a very strange woman. 2) You are a very strong woman. 3) You also have red hair. That combination probably would have pegged you as a witch a short few years ago. Yikes! Thank goodness you’re alive in this century, and we crossed paths in that tiny little town up north because I very much appreciate your strangeness, strongness, and redness!!

I will always cherish our chats in the park; cheersing fire ciders; singing karaoke everywhere but in a karaoke bar (we will make it there someday!); Michael Shannon reading us a disturbing and also confusing story about selling kitchen appliances to chop people’s fingers off (did that really happen?!!); laughing at the dumbest, best YouTube videos in your tiny apartment; then crying in your tiny apartment; and then laughing again. My first regret is that I didn’t befriend you sooner! My second regret is that our time together has been cut short. Nevertheless, you will continue to hear from me, and it will likely be to the tune of, “ARE YOU HAPPY IN THIS MODERN WORLD?????”

Caroline, Even in our limited interactions, it is clear to me that you are a no-nonsense woman who speaks the truth in love, even when it’s hard. I appreciate seeing that example in our strange king’s world, and wish you the best in your future endeavors!

I so deeply admire your strength and fighting spirit! I wish that we had become friends sooner in our time at King’s, but am still so thankful for our talks and hangouts. I am so excited to see how you fight for the rights and dignity of others in your life after King’s. You’re truly a beautiful human and I am thankful to know you.

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