Christopher L. Maiolie

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Christopher Maiolie


House of Winston Churchill

“Christopher, congratulations on all that you have achieved at TKC. I enjoyed having you as a student, and your work in Statesmanship was at a very high level. Please stay in touch. Blessings to you.”

— Dr. David Tubbs

David Tubbs


House of Winston Churchill

Notes for Christopher

We are so very proud of how you conquered living in NYC, working part-time and achieving excellence in your academics.
Dad and I are excited to see where the Lord takes you next!
Love you much
Dad and Mom

So proud of you Chris! You don’t need an official ceremony to acknowledge this accomplishment! You’ve reached another milestone in life! Congratulations!

Chris! Congratulations on finishing your King’s education journey. Excellent work my friend.

CHRIS! One of my first friends at King’s. You are such a sweetheart and so so hardworking. Friend of all. Good luck with all endeavors!

Chris! Thanks for being a pal in APTAP. Talking with you always made classes more fun. Let’s do keep in touch and can’t wait to see where life takes you in this next stage. Wishing you all the best!

You are truly a wonderful friend. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you these past few years! I mean, remember how much you helped me and my Dad and Pavlina put together my IKEA furniture freshman year? Or when we went and got only deserts to eat after Red & Green affair? Or when we would sneak into movies together when we both worked at iPic? (to be fair, we were allowed to, so I guess it wasn’t sneaking) You were the best study buddy on campus and are always so motivated. I hope we can stay in touch and can always talk about the last amazing movie we watched!

Chris, I am so proud of all your achievements! I always admired your calm attitude and all of your thoughtful comments in class. I will never forget when you shared your extra copy of Hamlet with me during Statesmanship. Thanks for allowing me to share my spoken word with you for one of your final projects. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

Congrats, Chris!

My movie buddy for life! Thank you for always being someone to talk to and keep me smiling these last four years. You always see the bright side of things, and I know that will take you so far. Let me know when you’re ready to get our movie hangouts back up and going 🙂

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