Elissa Anne Esher

Cum Laude

Journalism, Culture and Society

Cum Laude
Elissa Esher


House of Margaret Thatcher

“You came on strong your junior and senior year and we are proud of your success and your bright future in magazine journalism. Remember to keep God first in your life. And stay in touch with us!”

— Prof. Paul Glader

Paul Glader


House of Margaret Thatcher


  • Founder and President of Odeon (2018-2019)
  • Faculty Assistant to Associate Professor of English and Humanities Alissa Wilkinson
  • Reporting Intern at Brooklyn Paper and Connection Newspapers
  • Editorial Intern at Iridescent Magazine
  • House of Margaret Thatcher Alumni Associate

Notes for Elissa

Elli! You are so incredibly talented! I am so excited to see what’s in store for your future! I wish you the best!

I am so proud fo you! Will definitely be coming to Boston to eat chipotle with you

I don’t know what I will do without our dynasty outings! You are incredibly talented and I will shout from the rooftops that my grand-big is the best photographer. Will miss you tons!

Congratulations Elli! I am so proud of you. You are so unbelievably talented and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in the future. I loved living across the hall from you. Love you 🥰

I am so glad we could start our King’s journey together Elli! You are hilarious, talented, and always have a smiling face 🙂 I promise to take care of Ava next year but I know I can’t live up to y’all’s iconic dynamic duo…


Elli! I am so proud of you!! I’m so excited for you to start your fellowship and see what you accomplish. (But I will miss hanging out with you so much!) You’ve been an amazing friend and I’m so glad to have met you and been able to go through this journey together. Love you tons xxx

My lovely ELLI! I wish we could celebrate over pj’s, a rom-com, and some Chipotle. Our time together in 18A was always filled with so much joy and laughter. I cannot wait to see what this next season of life holds for you & I will be there every step of the way reading all of your articles and sharing all of your posts! Love you always and see you so very soon.

Elli, you’re such a cool person, and I really enjoyed getting to know you the past three years. I’m excited to see what God has in store for you!

Elli! What a wild year it has been. From that Washington Square Park portrait to the song of Solomon to quarantine, everything about this year has been unexpected. But there is no one I would rather spend nearly a month in quarantine with. I am so thankful for your friendship and I can’t wait to come visit you in Boston! Congrats!

Wow Ellie! Was an absolute pleasure getting to know you. All the best. Good luck in boston, I know you’ll Slay!

Writing this might make me cry but I’ll do it anyways. First, congratulations on graduating!!!!!!!! I have seen you work tirelessly these past 3 years and it is so cool to see you finally graduate! I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to put your all into every possible thing in your life. Second, you are my BEST FRIEND and I don’t know what I’d do without you! Seriously, I have no idea what I’m going to do next year. I am so grateful for every single experience we have had since we met. My favorite is probably the first day we met when we had to go to King’s for orientation, ended up in Union Square, and just skipped it in the end. I’m so proud of you for choosing a job that is best for you and that isn’t too far away from me 😉 I’ll leave the rest for the card I’m writing you. Thanks for always being there. Love ya <3

To my beautiful daughter, I am so proud! Proud of how hard you have worked these last 4 years, proud of the tender and caring heart God has given you and grown in you these years, proud of your strength amidst some hard, sorrowful, challenging times, and proud you have continued seeking Him and growing in Him, most of all. I couldn’t love you more, or be more proud to call you my daughter!

Elli, you are my personal hero. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who GETS IT like you do. Without you, I’d be so lonely. You’re an absolute goofball, the funniest I know. I never fail to laugh, cry, and gain weight with you. You’re a best friend that I hope to never lose contact with. I adore you. Stay clingy, we have a contract.

ELLI! CONGRATS! Audrey and I were raving about you the other day and how incredible you are. You came to King’s with a direction and you have followed it! You are so smart and so driven and I cannot wait to see what you do. Excited to read your articles in the Boston Guardian!!!!!!

Thanks for being one of my first friends in the city. I’ll never forget having so much fun in class together and my first time going to the Museum of Natural History. You make everyone’s day so much brighter and I can’t wait to see you soon 🙂 Congrats on graduation and on getting an amazing job!

Elli! It was so fun meeting and hanging out with you in Israel! I am amazed by your adventurousness and how you set your mind on a goal and achieve it. Congratulations on graduating AND having a full-time awesome job already lined up!

I wish the best in all you do!
Thankful for your friendship with Lauren while being at The King’s College.

How cool to be starting your journalism career in Boston working with someone from the Globe’s famous Spotlight team! I could only have dreamed of such an opportunity out of college. Way to go for it!

Hey girl, can you believe where our friendship all began? You are incredibly special to our family. You’ve grown to become a gifted and professional writer! Every blessing and good wish to you. Godspeed in your new chapter, Miss Writer! We love you.

Dear Elli, what a time of celebration the end of college is! Because it reveals all of our years of preparation that bring us to the place where we are in the present time. So one thing that I want to highlight for you in your time of celebration is your relationship with your mom and her heart that really is passed on to you in so many ways. I remember seeing you as a little girl sitting at a kitchen table with books and crayons and paper and stories and pictures. And here you are all these years later, a woman who still will be sitting at a table with books and pens and a laptop telling stories that will most assuredly include your beautiful photography. God’s work is amazing in our lives. So glad you are where you are and may God give you the spirit of wisdom so that you might use your pin to bring healing and light to many as you write. Bless you Elli. And I bless your mom for her excellent work that she has done as your mother. She is passing on her legacy. Now run hard!

I am her grandfather and it suffices to say she is my pride and joy! She knows that! I have always had a special bond with her and dread the thought of not having her at home more. I know our family dog will miss those tummy rubs!

Couldn’t be prouder of you Elli! You are incredible – insanely hard working, tirelessly passionate, and the most selfless person I know. Couldn’t be more blessed to have you in my life. Everyone deserves to have an Elli in their circle, and I’m blessed to have you as my best friend. :’) So excited to visit you in Boston and see you change the world. Catch you in Iceland and the million more adventures we’ll embark on. So proud of you my QUEEN!

Congratulations, Elli! We are so proud of you, and we are cheering you on and praying for you as you step into your next chapter of life. It has been such a joy to have to as a part of Resurrection Life NYC; know that you have a home here whenever you find yourself back in the city! “May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you wherever He may send you. May He guide you through the wilderness, protect you through the storm. May He bring you home rejoicing at the wonders He has shown you. May He bring you home rejoicing once again into our doors.”

Dear Elli, Congratulations on your graduation from college! By all accounts, you came through with flying colors, as anyone who knows you, expected you to do. May the Lord bless and keep you as you continue on and make your mark and influence others for Christ. With love, Melissa Graves

Dear Elli,
I’ve known you since you were a baby and had the privilege of watching you grow, explore, blossom, and mature into a vibrant, confident, adventurous woman. What a delight it has been. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I look forward to seeing what God will do in your life and how He will use you and bless you. Never forget to trust in the Lord with all your heart, leaning not on your own understanding, knowing that as you acknowledge Him in all your ways, He will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5, 6
Much love, Karen Anderson

What a BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! After reading Jan Esher’s comment and Abby’s, I could not agree less with them. It has been an amazing journey through college updates that I got to hear from you!

I miss seeing ya and I can’t wait to hear more about your adventures!😉

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