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Elizabeth Lee


House of Clara Barton

“Elizabeth, I really enjoyed having you in my Arts and Ideas classes. Though you were quiet, you were attentive and engaged with the material. All the best to you as you head out and pursue the next stage of your like. Be sure to stay in touch. Blessings!”

— Dr. Henry R. Bleattler

Henry Bleattler


House of Clara Barton


  • The King’s Leadership Scholarship
  • The King’s Presidential Scholarship
  • Kimberly Clark Bright Futures Scholarship
  • Marketing and Event Planning Intern at Hope Gathering (2017)
  • Social Media Intern at Willow & Wine (2017)
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Intern at ArtBound Initiative (2017-2018)
  • Fashion Merchandising Intern at Galvan London (2018)
  • Marketing and Creative Strategy Intern at DTE Studio (2019)
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Intern at SCOPE International Art Fair (2019)
  • Marketing Intern at ReflexGroup (2019)

Notes for Elizabeth

LIZ. You have so much love to give, and I am so grateful to have felt that these past two years. I will forever remember our many (many) food dates, Boba Guys, walks to the park, and killing cockroaches (: You are an absolutely wonderful human being, and I love you so so so much. Congratulation on this ginormous milestone; you have worked so hard. I am so proud of you.

Congratulations! We remember the day you were born! We can’t wait to see where you’ll go and what you’ll do next!

What a blessing to be able to attend school in NYC. I imagine it was a wonderful four years of adventure. Congratulations on your many achievements and blessings on your future endeavors.
Much love,
Stephanie King

Elizabeth, you’re so great! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you during our years at King’s. You’re so insightful, and my educational experience at King’s was enriched by your class contributions. I’m excited to see the journey God has for you!

Liz, I wish we could have spent more time together! Every interaction with you, I have been amazed by how incredibly kind you are and how much you serve and love other people. I think you are wonderful! I hope that our paths cross again soon. Wishing you all the best!

LIZ! YOU ARE A FREEEEEEE ELF!!!!!!!!! I don’t think I’ll ever stop saying that to you. I just want to say, living with you these past couple years has been a rich blessing on my life. Thank you for putting up with my seemingly endless complaining, and loving me through it. Thank you for sharing your favorite movies and coffee shops with me. I’m a much more cultured grandma, ever since you entered my life. I sincerely hope your coolness fully rubs off on me someday. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and perspective with me when I’m single-minded. Thank you for reminding me to chill when I overwork myself. You carry with you so much more wisdom than you know.

As you graduate, my prayer for you is that you’ll continue to grow in the knowledge of just how much God loves you. College has by no means been a smooth road, but you are so strengthened by it and have so much to give because of it. I can’t wait for you to get back to the city, when we can have another movie night, another Duane run, and maybe even make a tik-tok.

Thank you for the mark you’ve made on my life. Congratulations on all that you’ve achieved.

With love,


You are one of my most favorite people ever, and I have been so blessed having you as my big. I remember thinking you were SO cool at Barton picnic my first year when we were talking with Kristina about concerts. Little did I know then what an amazing dynasty I would be entering into. Since then, we’ve been able to see some pretty cool bands, eat tons of CFA, drink so much coffee at Birch, and go to museums. You’ve always inspired me by what a great listener you are and how you chase after your dreams with such tenacity. I’ll miss ya at school, but I can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds for you. Love you lots, dear friend, and I’m so so proud of you. <3

What can I say for Liz Lee?? Have you ever met a woman more ready to throw off the chains of college life?? Seriously, I hope that this milestone brings you so much excitement for the future – not just for the circumstances that may change (and frankly, may look really different than you expect right now), but also for the promises God has for you and the perfect peace he offers you wherever you go. I think you’re going to do great. You are creative, bold, a challenger, humble, and way over-caffeinated. Being you is an awesome thing. Love you and talk soon!

Liz, it has been such a joy going to King’s with you for the past few years! You are one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and you were always so kind to me. I’ve loved our quick chats as we pass each other in the halls or in class. I’ve always admired the way you brighten up a room just by walking in! I wish you all the best and hope to stay in touch.

Liz! I know I’ve said it before, but I thank God that we accidentally became roommates three years ago. Little did I know that the girl with the green makespace boxes and intimidatingly cool style would become one of my dearest, most cherished friends! You have such quiet strength, Liz. Your vulnerability and open honesty inspire me daily. And your sass makes me smile! My memories with you are definitive of my college years—thank you for the movie nights, boba times, study-time adventures, and overall good times. You’re a friend for life, Liz, and I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes you next! Much love! <3

Hi Elizabeth!

Congratulations on this milestone! You’ve learned a lot and had many challenging and rewarding experiences, I am sure. The past few years of college life are unique and precious, and i trust it had given you opportunities to grow and explore and figure out who you are and who you want to be.
In this uncertain time, I hope you will strive to find ways to use your one-of-a-kind talents and gifts to serve others and change the world for the better. Congratulations again!

Liz! That one time we ran into each other on the street outside the school was so cool. I hope that can happen again more.

Congratulations! I’m so proud of you!!! God has amazing plans for you. Love you always!

Congratulations! We know your college years in NYC have prepared you well for this next stage of life. We are so proud of you!
Aunt Lisa, Uncle Jones & Ellen

Liz!! I wish we had hung out more in college, but I am thankful for the few times we were able to. You are so cool and creative, and I know that you will do amazing things. Here’s to being Asian in the South and making it in New York :). Congrats and I hope we’ll get to see each other again!

Congrats Elizabeth! We’re so impressed by how far you’ve come and excited to see what you do next. Look us up if you’re ever in LA!

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