Emmae Thomasson

Cum Laude

Media, Culture, and the Arts

Cum Laude
Emmae Thomasson


House of Susan B. Anthony

“Emmae, I have so enjoyed getting to know you as your Capstone advisor. You have a such a unique creativity, and a brilliance that will help others see the world differently. Many blessings on yoyur journey ahead!”

— Prof. Virginia Pike

Virginia Pike


House of Susan B. Anthony


  • Editor in Chief of The Troubadour Art and Literary Magazine (2019-2020)
  • International Justice Mission Vice President of Fundraising (2018-2019)
  • Events Committee Associate (2018-2019)
  • Faculty Assistant to Professor Paul Glader (2017-2018)

Notes for Emmae

Emmae! I will miss our coffee chats, though I hope they still continue. Congratulations on finishing the race of college well!

Congratulations, Emmae!!! I’m so thankful that our time at King’s overlapped. I love your creativity and thoughtfulness, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here. Much love <3

Emmae– how has it been over 4 years since you were staying with us at your inviso!? We’ve had a lot of funny and odd shared memories over the last 4 years, and I’m glad to have known you. Congratulations!

Emmae! Oh my goodness. I wish I had come to the school earlier so I could have known you at the school longer. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for how you personally sought me out even though I was a fresh little transfer in your last year of school. You are a true kindred spirit and fellow faerie. May the earth be graced with oodles of your words. I want to hear more of them. Love you!

Congratulations Emmae!! We are so proud of you and wish you the best. You have a bright future ahead of you! Can’t wait to see what God has planned for you. We love you!

Oh, my fairy Mae. I love your great imagination and joyful outlook on everything in life. I miss you like crazy but I am so happy that our regular bible study dates are a constant source of joy in these uncertain times. I can’t wait to walk into this next season of life with you by my side. You are always there to talk about the big moments in life with me and to laugh over the smallest things that no one else finds funny. Thank you for always being down to go on new adventures and to experience all that life has to offer. I cherish our friendship so dearly and cannot wait to see you again so soon! Love you, sweet mae day. 🙂

Dang Mae graduating COLLEGE WHAT!?! I am so proud of you and all the amazing things you have done and are going to do! You are so creative, funny, and loving. You are such a joy to be around and you light up the room! I love you!

My beloved Emmae,
How the time has flown. When I look at this beautiful lady before me, I cannot help but see the playful, curious, sensitive, creative, joyful and perfectly sweet little girl that graced our home for so many blessed years. You are still that one, yet with these traits magnified 100 times over, as a cherry blossom tree who’s long-awaited flower brightens a once-dreary Avenue. An undeserving honor it has been for me to walk alongside you these last 22 years. I have loved every minute. You are a gift. So so so grateful for His work in you, and that you are allowing His perfect workmanship to be completed in you. It is indeed beautiful! Love you always, mom


I want to congratulate you on your milestone achievement. I am so blessed to know you and proud of you! You are creative, funny, yet willing to take a deeper look at what really matters. Thanks for sharing a part of your journey with me. Praying for the next steps and all the years ahead. May you be filled with His peace and wisdom. Much 💕. 🙏


Congratulations on your graduation! I am so thankful that Annabelle is able to call you her dear friend. I am so excited to see what your future holds for you! May you continue to love and serve the Lord in all you do.

Mrs. Ford

You made my college life unforgettable. I love you so much, you truly bring so much magic into my life <3

congratulations Maze. you are golden. I love with my whole heart and am sincerely so excited to see what you’re going to do next and what crazy stories you’ll have to tell. I am so proud of you big sis. keep being life-altering. we love you for it.

hi misses. we did it! thanks for always proof reading my creative writing pieces and passing notes with me in class about the way butterflies might look in the 4th dimension. lots of love to u, see u soon<3

Emmae you brought magic to King’s and NYC. Life is infinite and I’m so so excited for all the beautiful, creative, weird things it will bring to you, and you to it. I love you ENDLESSLY

Emmae you are one of a kind. Magical, kindhearted, loyal, caring, funny, adventurous, and smart. You can make anything beautiful. I am so lucky to be friends with you! You always inspire me and encourage me to be better. New York and SBA would be so dull without you. I love you!

Emmae, Grandpa and I couldn’t be prouder of the beautiful young woman you’ve become. We know God has a wonderful and exciting future planned for you, and we look forward to seeing those plans enfold for you!!
Grandma and Grandpa T

Mae Mae, goodness you are the coolest of cool. I have learned so much from your dazzling spirit. Forever thankful for our friendship and being young and dumb in New York City together. I love you my dear Colorado mountain goat girl!

my spirit twin! how proud I am of you and your every endeavor. Thank you for showering your unmatched love, creativity, and wit on this world. I can’t wait for a long walk in the woods once you finals are over. finish strong!

Can we just talk about how half or more of these comments are calling you MAGICAL? (They’re all giving away your secret.)

Hey, thanks for going to Hawaii with me, and reading the Bible with me, and encouraging me to serve at Apostles our sophomore year, and for letting me sleepover at that insane apartment where you were cat-sitting last semester. And SO much more.

Let’s please be friends forever. Maybe we can go on vacation again sometime. You’ll always be the fairy to my mermaid. When I hang out with you I become more creative, more inspired, and more appreciative of the beautiful details of life that are all over creation. Keep chasing your big dreams! I’m gonna support and encourage you till you get them!

Hi Emmae,
Godspeed to you in your next chapter of life. Thanks for your help as a faculty assistant. “Oh Lord, teach us to number our days so that we may present to you, a heart of wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12. Best Wishes, Prof. Glader

Emmae, CONGRATULATIONS! Honestly, it feels like just yesterday that you were born. You inspire us all with your creative mind, love for life, and golden heart. Thank you for being my friend – for helping me brave church coffee hour, for hyping up my poems, and for all of the quarantine FaceTimes. You bring excellence and beauty to everything that you do, and I cannot wait to see you conquer the world (and to give you a HUGE hug once the world calms down a little). Blessings on everything ahead!

Emmae! I miss you!! Can you believe it’s been like…two months since we’ve done adult set up? What must the chairs be thinking…it will be so embarrassing when we finally get back there.

I’m so glad that I got to be your friend freshman year, and that we’ve been friends ever since! It really feels like eternity, and in a good way. I’ve been to your house, for crying out loud!! Thank you for bearing with me in so many different forms and capacities – I really don’t think there’s anyone else at King’s who I’ve shared such disparate experiences (cough cough EVENTS COMMITTEE!!!) with.

Enjoy this picture that I certainly don’t remember taking at what must have been an Inviso in a past life. ILY!!! <3 <3 <3

Emmae! Congrats on graduating!! Your message made me giggle. I will miss our time in MCS as well. Your creative eye and articulate pursuit for all things good has inspired me. Hopefully we can meet again soon! Best of luck in all that lays before you.

Emmae! Congrats on graduating!! Your message made me giggle. I will miss our time in MCS as well. Your creative eye and articulate pursuit for all things good has inspired me. Hopefully we can meet again soon! Best of luck in all that lays before you!!!

To our most emmazing granddaughter,
We are soooo very proud of you and the achievements you have accomplished—by the grace of God. May He continue to guide and use you for His glory! You are so very much fun to be with and its been an adventure:):) Keep running the race strong. Always be ready to share with others the HOPE He has given you. We love you so very much. And may God protect and bless you. Gpa and Gma

Congratulations, Emmae!

What spaces and distance lie between the young woman you’ve become and this little Sisters, OR child, I wonder?

My dear Emmae,

I am so grateful for our friendship and how it has evolved over the years. From our time spent in Hanover, to working at LMCC, to all the time we spent during our freshman year! Forever thankful for our friendship and excited to see where you go in life, cause I know you will do great things! Thankful to have a fairy friend like you in my life!! Love you!

You’ve always been a one of a kind niece, full of life and curiosity. We are so excited to see where God has you next because we know it will not be boring! We love you! Congratulations 🎉

Sweet Sweet Mae! College and life became so much more beautiful, real, raw, magical, romantic, wild, calm, and full of wonder when we became friends. You understand my brain in a way that few people do and you make me feel so sane + known. You truly are a creative, kind, and beautiful human. From late-night chats to morning goodbye hugs, living with you for the past two years was like living with a sister. Thank you for being someone who I can trust with my secrets, talk to about anything, and who always taught me the value and virtue of a quality girl’s night out. I can’t wait to hug you so soon. I love you dearly!

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