Garrett Huizenga

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Garrett Huizenga


House of C.S. Lewis

“Your energy is infectious and your curiousity boundless. It’s been a privilege to have you in my classes. The world needs your sincerity and your vigor. Keep at it! Do not go gentle into that good night!”

— Dr. David Talcott

David Talcott


House of C.S. Lewis


  • Participated in Israel study abroad
  • Involved with College Republicans
  • Interned at the New York Stock Exchange

Notes for Garrett

Garrett, I have loved having you at King’s and in Lewis. I have loved chatting with you, learning with you, and being brothers together. You are an incredible man and I look forward to what life has for you. Congratulations on graduating!

Roommate Garrett, Big Boy, the man from Michigan–congratulations, brother. It’s been an honor knowing and living with you, and I pray that the Lord will bless you as you go out and change the world. Don’t forget me when you’re running the country!

Garrett, it’s been great watching you infect corners of King’s with your wit and humor. I’m grateful for you as a man of Lewis and look forward to hearing great things in the future.

There was never enough time for us to sufficiently talk political shop or the intricacies of Tolkien and Lewis, but I really enjoyed the conversations we had.


It’s been a pleasure getting to know you this past year the numerous times I visited your apartment. You’re a good man and a real joy to be around. I’m wishing you all the best as you move into a new chapter of life.


Garrett! My first and proudest recruit, I remember our first conversation in my office about seeing yourself at King’s. I’m glad I used my wit and family name to lure you into the college, and we’ve been benefitting ever since.

May you return to the city in good health and spirits, and be an example to all other Huizenga’s who wish to do the same! Congratulations, Garrett

Garrett!! Happy graduation. I am so excited to see what God has in store for you. Thank you for being just as competitive as me when it comes to board games (especially Catan) and for understanding my jokes. Here’s to a new season and I wish you all the best.


As I write this, the words of “Fortunate Son” are echoing through my brain. It’s true, I ain’t no senator’s son, but I’ve very grateful to have been friends with this one for the last few years.

The only Prince of West Michigan,
the Senator’s Son,
my almost-roommate time and time again,
It’s been a joy to grow alongside of you at this school and in the House of Lewis, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Keep in touch!
Eddie VanZandt

I’m crushed that Eddie beat me to it… “Prince of West Michigan.” 😉
You were truly one of *the* first friends I made at The King’s College. You’re a great guy, and I’m honored to have gotten to know you these four years. I’m really excited to see what God has in store for you this next season. I sincerely hope we stay in touch!

Garrett, even though you didn’t help me carry those chairs into class that one time, I loved having class with you and loved your passion!


Thank you for being a source of laughter and discussion. I have great respect for your pursuit of knowledge and passion for all things political. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through PPE classes and I know you will go on to do great things beyond King’s! You have my vote for President of the United States.

The “Snyder-Cut” will never happen but at least you’re graduating! Congratulations!

Big Boi is in the house!

Oh my, oh my, I remember when I first got to know you through Iain at King’s and at first I was like “this guy is weird.” I would soon find out it was my favorite kind of weird. Our hangouts always were filled with laughter and serious topics about how to live. I won’t ever forget that, unless I get dementia, which in that case I will have bigger fish to fry. Proud that I got to Do College alongside you brother.

Garrett! You one of the most transparent and reliable classmates from our graduating class. I will never forget the kindness you and your family showed me freshman year when you guys let me stay in DC for free so that I could watch my little brother march in the inaugural parade. That act of kindness meant the world to me and you have never ceased to show kindness like that since then.

I know you are going to do HUGE things on this side of King’s. I hope you don’t forget about all of us when that happens! So thankful that I’ve gotten to know you and call you friend.


Every time I see you, you put a smile on my face. I’ve been blessed to watch you grow since before day 1 at King’s and I’m so proud of the guy you’ve become. Cannot wait to see the things you do in this next season of life!

Also, sorry I couldn’t be there for your initiation night 🙁


Garrett – so proud of you and all you have accomplished – where did this 4 years go?! Thank you for the wonderful nephew & man you are! Stay curious, travel the world – never question all that you are and what you can become – you are exceptional!

Love Tia

Congratulations, Garrett!!! We are so proud of you and so excited to see where God takes you! We are so impressed by your passion for learning, the adventures you have taken, the discussions we’ve had around the dinner table, and especially, reciting lines from Harry Potter by memory! We are honored to know you and your family and love hanging out all together! Thanks for being a great example of a godly young man with strong character, pursuing God’s call on his life! Congratulations! Love, all the Browns 🎉👏

Garrett, thanks for always asking questions in all our economics classes. I appreciate all the times where you saw me raise my hand and tell the professor that I had something to say. May God guide you in all your future endeavors.

P.S. Beware those slippery slopes man haha.

Garrett congrats!! I will always be thankful for all of our time together in 2013, and I’m excited to see how God will use your intellect and convictions in your work and personal life!

Garrett, congratulations! I always loved running into you on campus and church. Your thoughtfulness and intentionality were such gifts. I am excited for wherever the Lord will lead you. Best of luck as you enter into this new season!

Garrett: Before the digital yearbook is closed, I wanted to congratulate you on earning your PPE degree. I thoroughly enjoyed having you as a student in every course you took with me. By the way, fine work in Public Policy in your last semester! Please stay in touch. Wishing you many blessings in the years ahead. DLT

Prince of Michigan. You are gonna do such great things where ever you go. I cannot wait to tell my kids that I know the governor of Michigan when we see you on Fox News. You have been such a joy to get to know and I am so thankful that we got put in the same house. Keep in touch man!

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