Jackson Towry Kane

Cum Laude

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Cum Laude
Jackson Kane


House of Ronald Reagan

“Your quietly stated, consistently thoughtful contributions in class made your rapid and combative performance in the Interregnum Final Debate such a surprise to me. It’s the soccer-scholar combination. You’ll go far.”

— Dr. David C. Innes

David Innes


House of Ronald Reagan


  • House of Reagan President (2018-2019)
  • USCAA All Academic Team
  • HVIAC All Academic Team
  • Men’s Soccer Team Captain
  • Nominee for The King’s College 2020 Scholar Athlete Award


  • Men’s Soccer 2016-2019

Notes for Jackson

Jackson, you always bring a smile to my face but I also respect how much you care about people. You are a god-fearing man of integrity and it has been a pleasure having you shape King’s. You were also a great neighbor! Congrats on graduating!

Congratulations, Jackson! I’ll miss our sports chats. Go Cowboys! You are a good man. God bless you, brother.

Congratulations Jackson! Your passionate drive and compassionate heart will serve you well. I’ll miss having you around.

Congrats Jackson! We haven’t been able to connect as much as I would have liked (besides a few random subway encounters and stops in the hall), but I have continued to admire you from afar; the way you carry yourself. You are a good man and the world needs more of that. Best of luck in whatever comes next.

JTK! So happy for you & endlessly proud of who you are. Excited to see what comes next! See you soon xx

Kaner, can’t believe we’ve roomed together for nearly four years. Also still can’t believe you hate goat cheese so much. Here’s to more good vibes.

Sugar KANE,

Congratulations! My friend. An all-around great guy. Big time jokester…and NOW graduate of THE KING’S COLLEGE!

So proud!

xoxo, Tor

JTKANER– big time congratulations! Cheers to all that’s ahead for you!


I honestly don’t know what our House would be without you. Your unmatched dedication and love for the Men of Reagan is so inspiring. Your mark on the lives of the people you met is indelible and positive. Thanks for being a friend.

Jacksonnnnn, I have always enjoyed our conversations every Sunday and your love for music and cultural interpretation. You are such a great friend and I’m glad we got to know eachother better over the past two years! Cheers, see you soon!

Jackson! You never fail to make me laugh and I’ll miss seeing you on campus. Wish you the best 4ever 🙂


Congrats my guy! Proud of you for graduating from such an esteemed state school. Sorry your class was so big 🙁


From soccer in Manhattan to bowling in Nashville, you’ve proved a magnificent man of mystery. You’re a great athlete, a great student, and a great servant to your House. Best of luck on the road ahead.

Eddie VanZandt

Jackson ~

I can’t believe we’ve been friends for four years now. Arguably the best little I’ve ever scored!! So I’d say something about how “hard” it is for me to “believe” you’re graduating, but it only feels right that you’re joining me (and everyone else!) in the tawdry, boring, PrOfEsSiOnAl WoRld (or whatever!!!).

You’ve transformed my sense of humor, been in my life MOST consistently, and been down to clown when no one else was!! <3 <3 <3 <3

See you in a few weeks…ROOMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

لُلُصّبُلُلصّبُررً ॣ ॣh ॣ ॣ

You never failed to make me smile! I’m going to miss seeing you around. HAGS!!!!

Jackson you are funny and brilliant! Every class I’ve had with you, I am so impressed by your intelligent questions and comments, especially in Con Law. I really enjoyed our Sunday commutes with Shannon and Jon. I love hearing your stories and your take on the world. I’m so glad we get to graduate together!

Jackson, thanks for the mems in council meetings. You always brought a great sense of humor as well as thoughtful input, and I am so thankful to have had such a great leader in charge of QE1’s brother house during our year of statesmanship. Congratulations, and blessings on everything to come!

Jackson! I was so happy whenever I had class with you. You are so funny and smart, keep on keepin on!

love u friend. will forever travel the country with u kat and val. wfh/madison marona x kek/derry girls for life.

Congratulations on your graduation!! I’m very proud of you young man:)!!! Let me know what is next! Love you 😃. Suesue!

Congratulations Jackson!
I’m so proud of you!! Let me know what you have in mind for the future….after the partying of course:)!!
Love ya!! Suesue

I am so glad you came to King’s so I got a chance to meet your mom (meet my idealized self). I’m sure it’s tough being equal parts funny and smart, but I think it’s a combo that will bring you far. Good luck in this next venture of life! Say hi to your mom for me pls!

My brother, my twin, my boy. I’ve loved every second with you these last four years. From finding out all of our odd similarities to getting killed by Thanos, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Go Pats (and Birds)

Congratulations, Jackson! I am so happy that I got to meet you and excited to hang out again some time in the future! All the best to you!

Hi, Jackson!
It’s been so great and cool to get to know you better this past year. We have so many inside jokes now. We should totally hang out this summer!

Have a great summer,
Jonathon <3

Proud of you and who you’re becoming Jackson.

Stay as humble and kind as you have always been my son. It honors Christ in the regular day to day more than you can know.

Stay curious as there is much to learn but with more than just your frontal lobe— keep learning the ways of your heart and soul. Give your time to this daily— you’ll never regret it.

Love how quick witted, easy to smile and so incredible likable you are, just like your beautiful mother.

Tough as nails in a tackle of course but not sure where that originated.

Eager to be a part of all that’s to come in you and around you!

Mucho love,

Jackson! It’s been fun being your friend. Thanks for helping me pass micro as a FRESHMAN and always testing my gullibility.

What a joy it is to extend a hearty congratulations to you as you graduate King’s. May the Lord extend His wisdom, mercy, and direction in great abundance to you as you set off to conquer the next phase of life.

God Bless you!

Towry! We did it! Thank you for being a steady, smart guitar hero partner. You’re really going to do amazing things in this world if you play like that!

Congrats Kane! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your family. Your positive and inquisitive outlook on life will lead you in many directions, you’re one of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure to get to know, whatever path you follow, I know you’ll succeed!

Jackson, what an incredible addition you were to men’s soccer and the King’s community. I am truly grateful for the generosity you and your family always shown Athletics. I wish you much success and God bless you!

Jackson: Before they close the digital yearbook, I wanted to congratulate you on earning your PPE degree and graduating cum laude. You achieved so much in your four years at King’s, and I am delighted that you chose to come here. Please stay in touch; I am not so far from the suburbs of Philadelphia, so it might be fun to meet in PA or NJ. Blessings to you in the years ahead. DLT

Kaner. You are literally one of the funniest people I have ever met and I will miss seeing you every day. You are so smart and so capable of anything. Keep just being you and never change that. I’ll see you on the rift dog.

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