Jake Norman Staples

Business Management

Jake Staples


House of Winston Churchill

“Jake – I’ve enjoyed your quick wit, ready smile, and sense of humor over the past few years. Looking forward to seeing how you put your creativity to work in the marketplace.”

— Prof. Brian Brenberg

Brian Brenberg


House of Winston Churchill


  • House of Winston Churchill President (2019-20)
  • Finance Intern at FBN Securities


  • Men’s Basketball 2017

Notes for Jake

Jake, I have loved having you at King’s and I am so proud to welcome you to the Churchill alumni! Thanks for always bringing a smile and for serving so well. You are a good man. Congrats on graduating!

Jake, my friend, you did it! Congratulations! All that hard work and hours in the library paid off. Keep working hard at whatever you do and you will find success. Welcome to the brotherhood of the Churchill alumni. See you around. God bless, brother.

Jake! Congratulations on graduating. Thanks for always making me laugh when you plop down in my office. Please come back soon – I will give you all the Reese’s!

Jake, congratulations on submitting the best graduate photo/selfie on this website. You look like you’re 12 in that photo. Sincerely though, well done my friend. Graduating is an immense accomplishment.

Here is a photo of your sophomore year at Fall Retreat. 🙂

Jake – thank you for being your goofy and lighthearted self. I am happy you are as competitive as I am (ITE team-building exercises, anyone?). Congratulations on graduating! 🙂

JAKE! It has been a privilege to know and work with you this year. Congratulations on graduating my good friend!

Jake, I concur with Mr. McOrmond’s comments above. Your graduate photo is sublime.

Thank you for being a great president, a great friend, and perhaps the best library assistant this college has ever seen.

You have my sincere best wishes for the future and congratulations on a job well done here at King’s.

Jake Staples, seeing you in the library was often the highlight of my day. You always made me smile! You are funny and kind and I’m glad that we are graduating together.

You were the only one to get my Spongebob references. While I would make a very, very clever reference that would fall on deaf ears, I could always count on your laugh from across the library. Thanks for leading our house this year good sir, it was an honor to serve on the Council alongside you!

Jake, congratulations! I’ll miss having you as a library assistant and getting to know you! Thanks for your truly excellent work and for your always cheerful attitude. Wishing you God’s richest blessings!

Hey Jake,

I am so glad that I got to know you! You are an amazing leader and friend and I am blessed that you choose to hang out with me! I am going to miss your witty jokes and fun attitude!

Also, you are the best Big that I could have hoped for!

Love you Jakey!


Being friends with you has brought me much joy. From basketball freshman year to our presentations in bis com to countless other memories I could always count on your upbeat positive attitude. I can’t wait to see everything you do in the future.

Congratulations Jake!! We are so proud of you and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. We’ll always have fond memories of our NYC trip!! Love you!!

Jake, we are truly blessed to have you for our grandson. Congratulations on your graduation! You deserve the best.


We are so very proud of you! We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you. I so wish that we could have had an update of this picture today but we will in the future. Love you and congratulations!

Arguably top 5 all time in basketball comp history. Sorry I was the only defender to make you pass the ball. You are such a funny person and your dry sense of humor is unparalleled. Keep working hard and never stop being you! Please keep in touch!

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