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House of C.S. Lewis

“We needed more classes together, Jonathon. But I appreciated your presense on campus and in House of Lewis. Thanks for all your hard work and positive influence among your peers.”

— Dr. Joshua Kinlaw

Joshua Kinlaw


House of C.S. Lewis


  • House of C.S. Lewis Spiritual Life Associate (2018-2019)
  • Dean’s List
  • Content Production Intern at Servant Leadership

Notes for Jonathon

JonathOn, your godson misses you. Please come back. But really, it was such a pleasure having you at King’s and in Lewis. Thanks for the friendship and the ways you served and loved our guys. We are better because you were here. Congrats on graduating!

Keeler, I feel like I know your ghost better than you. You’re a cool cat alright, but so many people tell me about their time with you. It’s been great to have you around and peace to you and your new family!

Keeler, my lovely, quasi brother-in-law. I will miss seeing my closest tie to home in the hallways as you zoom by, wave, and keep going. I look forward to all the SoFlo holidays we will get to celebrate together! Love ya, bud! -Lassiter

When you remember your senior year, I hope it will always include the library slide and hours of Tim’s voice. We’re so thankful to get a chance to work with you!


I am SO SO SO proud of you for finishing college strong! I’d like to thank the academy for bringing us together. Here’s to hoping our kids get your brains and your wits.

I am SO proud of you Joon! You are a whole college graduate and husband and you are thriving in both. You’ve always been one of my favorites and I love you.

Keeler! So proud of you! King’s won’t be the same without you!! See you soon xxxxxx

Jonathon, we are SO blessed to be your grandparents, SO proud of all you’ve accomplished, and SO grateful for your constant walk with and dependence on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Also grateful you have found your partner for life and pray God will richly bless your life together. We couldn’t love you both more!!

Jonathon congratulations! There are so many amazing things going on in your life right now and I wish I could be there in person to celebrate them. Thanks for making me feel like I had family King’s since freshman year. I am excited for a lifetime of friendship with my fave couple the Keelers. CONGRATULATIONS ! And never forget that we are always a 10 on the eternal scale!

I must confess I am begrudging this thingy you’re doing. But eh, congrats. Let us never say goodbye but only “see you soon.” That’s how I hope our whole life will be. You have power that no one else has. Yet you wear it quietly.
God Bless,

Jonathan! You bring me so much joy every time I see you. Thanks for all the free oat lattes and all the fun times at The Met, The Cloisters, Taco Bell, and just sitting in my apartment doing nothing. Can’t wait to see you again soon and celebrate in person!

AR <3

Congratulations on graduating! Many begin, but few finish! We are so proud of you and glad you and Victoria are married! Welcome to our family!
Laura B

Jonathon, sweet sweet Jonathon. I am so blessed to have a pal like you in my life! You have a heart of gold and light up any room! I will forever cherish Chez Janou, the vat of mousse, and the rest of our sweet memories. I am so excited for you and Toria and all your future has in store for you two!
PS. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Jonathon, I’m very much going to miss seeing you regularly. I’ll miss being randomly reminded of random facts about myself that I forgot I told you.
I seriously hope we stay connected. You’re such a great guy, and I have so much respect for you!

Jonathon, you had me laughing so hard in Israel and I wish I’d gotten to spend more time with you! I think you are fantastic. I know that whatever you pursue, you will do a phenomenal job and be a blessing to the people around you.

Keeler! Thank you for being the kind upperclassmen who welcomed me into the House and Apostles during NSO. You’re incredibly wise and kind. I’m bummed I didn’t get more time at King’s but thankful you are Victoria are still in the city.

the 37 to my 36,

Thank you for all laughs and good mems over these past three years. Never forget our QR shenanigans and all the types of food shared (Himalayan, Israeli, Italian, etc.). Wishing you & your wife (!!!) all the best beyond King’s!

love u keeler. see u in bk soon, we did it<3 can't wait to high five u as newly married broski!!!!!!!! :,)

may the road rise up to meet your wheels

that’s a lovely turn of phrase

I am better for you

congrats friend

Keel-dog! Love and miss you! Wishing the best for you and Victoria in this upcoming chapter of life. Your wedding was so beautiful. I am so happy for you two. Your marriage might be the one good thing to come out of this whole pandemic.

Congratulations, Jonathon. Well done on this epic run. Know that I’m a huge fan of yours and in your corner as you start this next chapter. I believe in you and what Jesus is going to do through you in this world. Love you and Victoria both. Cheers to you, my brother.


Thank you for being the person you are! I’m so lucky for the chance to be your friend while you were at King’s – it’s so bizarre to think back to when we meet at your NSO, it feels like I’ve known you for way longer. Thank you for making the House of Lewis so much more fun (and GOOD) – not just for me, but for so many others, too. I’m so glad that you became not just my “grand” “”little,”” (whatever that means), but an actual, real life, awesome friend too!!! Cannot wait to see you when I’m back in the city!!!

Enjoy the Very First pic of you I have in my phone, from the best Lewis retreat I ever made it to! :’) :’) :’) <3 <3 <3

Jon! CONGRATULATIONS! Always remember that (iced!!) coffee we all had in Tel Aviv, pasta dinners in 90 Wash, and lots of Starbucks. So grateful for your friendship, and the joy of getting to work with you.

Life will be forever richer because you were my friend in college. Thanks for calling me to be kinder and for showing me how to be funnier. You are someone that brings out the best in people. I’m so lucky to know you and your wife. Excited for the life you will have together and I hope to always be a part of it. The original Saloonathon lives in infamy! May we share many drinks and book recommendations through the years!

Marriage and graduation within a month, woah! So happy for you in both cases, and wish you and Victoria the best in your futures.


Your visits to the Stu Serv desk will be missed most of all! Congrats! I cannot wait to see where life takes you and Vic!


Jon! Congrats on graduating!! I’m so glad I can be a part of all the exciting things that have been happening in your life. You have taught me so about what its looks like to care for people genuinely and that is powerful. Proud to call you a friend! Much love!! See you soon.

Well I’ll be darned, we gradiatin’! I’m so proud of you, congrats and congrats. You are truly such a joy, and I adore our quirky friendship. Be good out there!!

Jonathon! Congratulations!
Sad we won’t see each other in the library hallway anymore which means we won’t be friends anymore… rip.
Good luck with everything it this next chapter of life!

Keeler. You are hands down the funniest person I’ve ever met. I am so happy for you and Victoria. I’m gonna miss you just popping up to me in school and making me laugh for literally no reason. Keep doing great things and keep making people laugh.

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