Julia LeAnn Roberts

Journalism, Culture and Society

Julia Roberts


House of Sojourner Truth

Yo Julia! We are sad to know our celebrity actress student is now graduating. We wish you all the best as you head into the workplace. Use those journalism skills. Keep following your passion for fashion. And remember to put God first!”

— Prof. Paul Glader

Paul Glader


House of Sojourner Truth


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • Fashion Editor at Fashion Week Online

Notes for Julia

Julia, I loved getting to know you as a Truthie and can’t wait to see where your next adventure takes you!

Julia! Congratulations! I wish you all the best in this next season. God bless and Happy Graduation!! 🙂

My in-passing amigo! I don’t think we ever had a conversation where we weren’t walking out of somewhere but I’m so glad I got to meet you! You are an awesome, talented, and VERY talented person. Keep being amazing girl!

A massive congratulations to you, Julia! I have enjoyed getting to know you these past few years. I’ll miss seeing your face at the conference table, but I’m so so excited to see what cool things you do in the journalism/fashion world!

Where do I even begin? It’s an honor and a pleasure to being friends with you and I’m proud to know both the young woman you are and the one you are becoming. Miss the shenanigans in that one particular class and am looking forward to the next fashion show (choose carefully)!

It was great to have you in class, Julia. All the best in your career — keep following your passion!

JULIA! My roommate who always cheers me on through it all! It has been SO wonderful getting to live with you and learn from you for 3(ish) semesters. Seriously, your passion and ambition are gonna take you so far. I look up to you in so many ways and I will forever be thankful for the memories we’ve had in 16A and 18A. It was really nice having a roomie who understood my deep need for windows and the beach. Not to mention, your love for God.

Although we never got to have our day trip to Miami, I still hope we can spend more time together when you are back here in the city, living in BK Heights, and running the fashion world one day at a time. You’re one of a kind and you work – a shoe in for big things. Have the best summer ever!!!!!!

Julia – I am so proud of you! You are compassionate, kind, smart, and talented. You has a dream, and you went after that dream with full force. Continue to be courageous! God bless you!

I will never forget that first semester where you and I went to New York for move in day!! I have so many wonderful and unforgettable memories that I hold on to that we share. I pray we have so many more to make together!! I love you with all my heart my sweet sister!!!


My sweetest LITTLE!!!

You did it 🥳 you’re a graduate and I am so stinkin proud of youuuuu😭 you came, you saw, and you conquered with so much grace and sweetness! You are a true powerhouse and I am forever in awe of your spirit, strength, gentleness, compassion, wisdom, and awesomeness 😍 you have been such an incredible friend to me these last three years and I can’t wait to see where God will lead us next!! I love you to infinity and beyond and I celebrate you today + always 💗

Julie, we are so proud of you. May GOD always guide an walk with you in your path HE has for your life, Keep HIM first an HE will direct your happiness an life, we love you so much an so very proud, love you, aunt Brenda

Julia Roberts, if I could write this in a thick mamaw accent I would. You my dear are a gift from God! I love you too much and only wish we had been roomies freshman year. Thank you for being genuine, loving, and the best friend I could ever ask for. We’re not done just yet so I won’t use up all my emotions to write too much bc there is SO MUCH TO SAY about a girl like YOU! I love you so so much and am so thankful to call you friend!

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