Kaylee Long

Summa Cum Laude

Media, Culture, and the Arts

Summa Cum Laude
Kaylee Long


House of Susan B. Anthony

“Kaylee, I already think of you as a colleague, and not just a student anymore. You are gifted in so many ways, and you excel at all of them. You have not only extraordinary talent and intelligence, but surpassing maturity and character, and that is what makes me love working with you the most. You will not only impress the world with what you can do, but I know that you will make an impact for God’s kingdom, and in the end, that’s all that matters. I am so proud of all you accomplished, and the Christian woman you are becoming. Congratulations!”

— Prof. Virginia Pike

Virginia Pike


House of Susan B. Anthony


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • The King’s College Leadership Scholarship
  • AFAS (Air Force Aid Society) Merit Scholarship and AFAS General Henry Arnold Education Grant
  • Scholar for the House of Susan B. Anthony (2017-2018)
  • Music and Materials Intern at Broadway Licensing (2019)
  • Wardrobe Intern at Lyra Theater (2016)
  • Faculty Assistant to Professors Virginia Pike and Chris Cragin Day (2018-2019)
  • Guest Director and Musical Director at Spiritual Twist Productions (Summers 2018-2019)

Notes for Kaylee

Congratulations on a job well done, Kaylee! It’s been such an encouragement to have you at church and I hope that if you continue to live in the City we can stay in touch!

Congratulations, Kaylee! The time we were able to work together on exec team was really special for me. I always looked forward to our chats about school, and now here you are, the valedictorian! Job incredibly well done.

Kaylee! I so enjoyed having you in class, as my FA, and having your mom as a TKC viewing partner!So excited for your future as a composer, intellectual, and general super woman. XOXO. PCD

You have done so many amazing things, and I am so blessed to have been able to get just a glimpse into your heart and mind this past year. Thank you for being a sounding board and a voice of reason. I can’t wait to see where you go on this journey, because I know it will be great. I love you. <3

Congratulations, Kaylee!!! I’m so thankful to know you and grow alongside you in the greatest city in the world. You are wise, earnest, and incredibly talented. I can’t wait to celebrate your graduation (and Valedictorian honor!!) in person soon. I can’t imagine church, theater, or daily life without you in, so thank goodness I don’t have to. I love you!

My ride or die! You are a great friend and fellow sister to all those who love you and know you. I’ve grown and learned tremendously by knowing you and seeing you how love and treat others in light of your identity in Christ.

Thank you for being my friend and for never missing a beat when we quote Jane Austen. Love you dear K!!

Kaylee, congratulations on achieving Valedictorian status! You deserve it, my friend. I know you’ll do great things and I can’t wait to hear more about the stories you want to tell. Good luck and congrats!

You are such a true friend and I am so thankful for you! I’m so glad that we decided to both do that theatre workshop in the fall of our sophomore year and that we’ve had so many memories since. You are hilarious, smart, talented, beautiful, and you shine Christ’s light so brightly!

Kaylee, You are definitely one of the most musically talented students to ever attend King’s. You’re insanely smart (Peep that Valedictorian status, yo!), but are also one of the most humble people I know. You’re out here low key crushing everything you do with ease and grace, and I know the same is going to be true of your post-grad adventures. Good luck and congratulations!!!

Kaylee!! Wow, what a crazy four years this has been. You always brought so much class (and sass) into every SBA discussion and I absolutely love that. Your hard work and passion to pursue goodness is inspiring, and I hope you know how celebrated you are. Congratulations sweet friend! <3

Kaylee, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over these past four years. From one North Carolinian-turned-New Yorker to another, I’m so excited to see what God has in store for this next chapter of your life!

Kaylee, what a joy to be friends with you, and to be able to pick up where we left off no matter how long we’ve been apart. I treasure your friendship so much. You are so insightful. Your walk with the Lord inspires me and you always give such godly advice. You have a gift for the way you tell stories, convey ideas, and describe life lessons. I would read anything you’ve written and trust you with any of my secrets! You are wise beyond your years, incredibly smart and talented, beautiful, steadfast, kind, witty, strong, and always full of surprises (like when you drove the initiation van at House retreat!). I know that we’ll be friends for many, many years. I love you- congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished; your awards are all well-deserved! Excited to catch up soon. <3 (p.s. enjoy this photo of us as little baby freshmen)

I almost started crying as soon as I started typing. Almost. I am so proud of you, my friend. It’s a good thing I was thinking the other day about writing an ode to you because there is just so much to say. I know you don’t remember the first time we met, or the fact that I sat behind you in awe of your insane smartness in Corbin’s politics class, but I always knew that though I was totally intimidated by you, we would be good friend if given the opportunity. Now, after rooming with you for two years, quarantining with you for two months, and going on another year of roommate-ship, I can say that your friendship is no less than a deeply treasures gift from God.

You show me every day what a beautiful thing it is to be passionate about things. You culture me with your endless arsenal of tik-toks, movie recommendations, etc. You introduce me to overlooked stories that wrench the human heart with their truth (most recently, Dear Mr. Knightley, Bandstand, Florence Barclay’s books, and Harriet). You are the singer of untold tales. You remind me to turn to God in prayer when all that is broken in this world is particularly poignant.

More than all of that, I feel so privileged to have seen God working in your life this past couple years. He has showered you with so much talent and creativity (I literally don’t understand you can generate so many artistic ideas/plans each day from the smallest experiences. As you’ve grown in your walk with God, your ideas have grown richer and more filled with truth. You’ve grown bolder and more courageous. I know you say you’re a lot and over-opinionated, but you have so much wisdom to share with the world and so much strength to withstand the trials that come. So never shy away from sharing your perspective because it is a rich one, fueled by your growing relationship with God.

I love you, dear friend. Thank you for being my quarantine buddy. Blessings on your time with your family these next few weeks.

With love,

KAYLEE! I feel like we always missed each other in college, but I’m so happy to have even been in the same class as you. You are so wise, strong, kind, and real. Can’t wait to watch you succeed!

Kaylee! You are such a sweet girl and I will hold onto our memories of surviving ETAP so dearly. You have an infectious smile and I cannot wait to see where your incredible work ethic and gorgeous singing voice will take you! Lots of love and break a leg!!

You are brilliant and I so enjoyed getting to know you more this last year! I hope you stay in touch- I can’t wait to see what amazing things unfold in your future. And I can’t wait to witness the incredible story you have brewing. Congratulations!

Kaylee! I can probably write a novel, but you know how much I love you. I am so proud to call you a three-year roomie and dear friend! I am always in awe of your grit, your desire to keep pursuing the Lord, and your wisdom on life. Our friendship means the world. You are so talented and I can’t wait to see your passion for the arts unfold and make it to the big stage/screen! You’re going to kill it. Love ya!

Kaylee, you have done an amazing job at school and congratulations on all your accomplishments! And such a beautiful voice you have. Would like to hear you sing more with videos you can share with family. I hope your dreams come true in your future endeavors and…….stay well!
Aunt Tina

Congratulations Kaylee! Reading through these comments it is obvious that you have made a difference in so many people’s lives. I wish that we lived closer so that I could have enjoyed your performances. I did enjoy getting to know you just a little bit better last Summer. I hope you have a safe a wonderful time with your grandfather as you travel cross country. He is a jewell! May our God continue to bless you richly as you surrender your life to Him and as He uses you to make a Kingdom difference. I am sorry you don’t get the actual graduation you deserve, but congratulations on a job well done!!

Wow, have these past few years flown! Watching you grow into this amazing young woman has been a joy for us. Your mom never stops talking of all that you do and it always makes us smile. God has given you such talent and you, my dear, have chosen to use it for His glory.

What a treasure you are for so many. You constantly impress us with your ability to write a play and write music and still maintain such close relationships with your family. Your Daddy would be so very very proud of you.

VV of your university is the cherry on top! An accomplishment that you well deserve and will always remember. We are so proud of you.

We love you and can’t wait to see how God continues this I use you.

Wow Kaylee! I love seeing this😊. Congratulations on your graduation and all your amazing accomplishments! God has wonderful and big plans for you. You exemplify integrity and poise. May you be blessed with a prosperous and oh-so-fun career! Look forward to seeing the fruits of you labor!! Much love,
Cousin Susan:)

Congratulations on a job well done! You’ve accomplished so much in your time here and I am sure this is just the beginning for you. Blessings!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

My dear girl,

As I reflect on all you have accomplished in your time in NYC, several vivid images run through my mind.

The first one is the day you came bounding down the stairs with your computer in hand showing me The King’s College and how it you envisioned it as “TeenPact on steroids!” Not long after your discovery, we made our first trip to the school and as you walked in I snapped a photo and new in my heart we were in the right place. As I listened to the alumni panel, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were destined for King’s and the city.

Fast forward to August 2016, I can still see you standing in front of Hanover with the wind whipping your hair and skirt as I drove away leaving you to discover a more independent you.

The next few years provided ample opportunities to enjoy visits with you. The mutual respect you and your classmates have for each other as we walked the halls of King’s impressed me. Sitting with you in classes cemented my conviction that we had made the right choice for your college education. Watching you perform is always a treasured joy but your interpretation of the Flag Maker invoked a new level of emotion.

Our timed chats, long discussions, and contemplative editing sessions are also sweet memories as we remained connected past the distance. Thank you for including me in your college experience. It has been a gift to me to have front row seats, which you provided, to all that God was doing in the 3.5 years of your college career. (Thanks for saving the last semester of tuition…smile, wink!)

Of all the vivid visions, I never envisioned you graduating virtually! But, knowing your resolve and character, I believe you are born for this strange moment. May the Lord bless you as you represent your class as the Valedictorian. May He continue to guide you as you find strength in His enabling power. May you continue to shine for His kingdom!

I am so proud! Your dad would be over the moon…he wouldn’t be able to peel his eyes from you.

Congratulations, Kaylee!

With love and respect,

Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished in your college years. Such impressive accolades, yet so deserving! We wish you all the best moving forward. We look forward to all you will accomplish and to hearing about each amazing experience. We know you will continue to be a blessing to many and an inspiration as well (no pressure, ha)! Remember to practice excellent self-care and to capture every moment with a full and loving heart. Know that you are loved!
Thank you for keeping us informed as to your exploits and adventures! We love you and all of the Long family! Congrats, once again!

DOUBLE congratulations, Kaylee – on both graduating itself and being Valedictorian! So glad I had the chance to meet you when we both worked in Admissions an eternity ago – hope you’re doing so well.

Kaylee, I have this pic on my phone somewhere of you practicing a musical in the hallway outside 523. When I think of you I think of that picture and the dedication it symbolizes to me. Congrats on your graduation and stay in touch!

Kaylee! You are such a freaking cool person!! You are so intelligent, creative, and strong, but never pretentious. You are so down to earth and kind. I hate that I didn’t get to know you better in our time at King’s, but I hope to make up for lost time once this quarantine ends! Wishing you all the best! I know you will continue to do great things!!

Kaylee, congrats on being valedictorian! It was such an honor hearing your speech yesterday (I definitely had tears in my eyes). I know that you’ll do great things in your next chapter of life.

Best wishes for a long and prosperous life filled satisfying accomplishments. You are an exemplary representative of a fantastic family. I look forward to hearing about your future adventures.

Great uncle, Jack.

Congratulations one more time, Kaylee! May you know all of God’s richest blessings in Christ.

Kaylee, Before they close the digital yearbook, I wanted to congratulate you on earning your degree and on receiving so many awards and honors in the spring. Your valedictory address at the commencement ceremony was fabulous. I regret that I did not have you as a student in even one class, but I enjoyed getting to know you when you were House Scholar. I hope to see you in the future at the annual SBA Alumnae Dinner ! Wishing you many blessings in your life after King’s.

Kaylee, You were always on my mental list of people I should get coffee with, but someone didn’t really get around to it. I love your passion for others and for the arts. You are so smart, but are so humble about it. One of my fav memories was eating barbeque on the steps outside of the church/theater with Anna during the two-show day for Top Girls. You were a respite and a much needed voice of reason. I’m so excited that you’ll still be in the city and can’t wait to see what amazing thing you’ll conquer next.

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