Kyra Grace Rooney


Krya Rooney


House of Clara Barton

“Kyra, you took one of my classes at King’s that I will never forget — that one with just three students reading Milton, Herbert, and Donne! Since then, I’ve seen that you have a true passion and talent for creative writing, and I hope you keep it up.”

— Dr. Ethan Campbell

Ethan Campbell


House of Clara Barton


  • Editor and Contributor to The Troubadour Literary Magazine
  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • Intern at The National Review

Notes for Kyra

Kyra, I still remember when you came over for dinner with a rather awkward group of freshmen and told us about your paid appearances at parties. The fact that you knew how weird it was (even at 18) clued me in on you. You’re a cool cat. Stay in touch (if even on Twitter).

Kyra! Congratulations on graduating. I’m thankful to know you and have worked with you in the ice cream world. I’m so glad I had you on my team! You’re a joy to be around, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here. 🙂

Congratulations, Kyra Rooney! Thank you for all the good book recommendations and great conversations these last few years. I’m glad that I started King’s with you–you have so much to offer the world through your creativity, writing, and art, never let anyone silence your light. It was always a pleasure running into you around King’s, and you will be missed. Keep in touch!

Kyra, I couldn’t be more grateful for your friendship. I have grown so much by just being on your side. I’m so thankful for King’s for bringing us together. Congrats on everything I’m so proud of you! 🙂

Hey roomie,

So glad we got randomly picked to room together! I loved having a friend in you and am proud of you for finishing strong!


Kyra I cherish you very much, this semester was strange without you. I am so proud of all you’ve accomplished and excited for all that’s to come. You’ve been such a great friend and I’ve enjoyed our traveling adventures, I can’t wait for many more.

I think you are amazing. I hope we continue to get to know each other more in the future. <3 Congratulations! xx

I cannot even imagine these past few years without you. Thanks for believing in magic with me. Love you forever into the inevitable Super Volcano and beyond.

Amazing job, Kyra!! So excited for where you go from here – good job sticking it out at King’s, especially after changing majors multiple times and dealing with Just Life In General. Whatever life throws at you, you’re going to be fine. you’re so strong!! <3


Since the first time we met in Fotop’s class, I have been so blessed and thankful to have known such a genuine human as you. From all the talks and times we’ve spent, I’m happy to have found someone with such a profound understanding of the world and to have learned from and excited to see where you go in life. Wishing you all the best and always know you have someone in your corner!

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