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House of Corrie ten Boom

“Leah Arrasmith lives. She lives in heaven seated at the right hand of God in Jesus, and in our memories of her on earth. She is extremely talented, kind, athletic, gracious and smart, yet she never lords any of her natural gifts over those less gifted. While her outward beauty is stunning, her true beauty resides within. We thank God that Leah has been such an important part of our community and the history at The King’s College. Our tears over losing you so soon authenticate how dearly we love you. That love is secure until we meet again, dearest Leah…”

— Prof. Dawn Fotopulos

Dawn Fotopulos


House of Corrie ten Boom

In Loving Memory

Notes for Leah

So much has happened since you passed. Halsey released new music, Lex finally got a corgi, and I finally got rid of my homeschool hair. I actually ran into Halsey the semester after you passed. It was horrendously awkward, but I have the picture for proof. You would have laughed at my starstruck fumbling. I wish you could hear all the recent music that’s come out. I wish I could hear you singing along.
You were one of the brightest things to walk into my life. I learned so much from you. I learned that confidence is quiet, that comforting someone can mean letting them hurt, and that those horrible hats of the Jason Mraz era are actually trilbys, not fedoras.
There’s still so much we don’t understand, but it doesn’t really matter. Even if we never get a reason for why things have to be the way they are, it’ll never change how much we love you. I don’t regret being your friend, it was worth it 100%.
Still, I wish you were here. We all do. I cried thinking about how you’ll never walk the stage at graduation, and I laughed when I realized, hey, neither will I. And that’s okay.
We have a good God. Death doesn’t have the final say on me, and death doesn’t have the final say on you. Even though your life was short, it was bright, and that light isn’t out.
We love you Leah. We love you. We love you. We love you.

Leah, we shared the type of friendship that someone only gets once in a lifetime. You were and always will be my best friend. I cannot thank you enough for continuously loving and supporting me in every way and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. You were effortlessly gorgeous and wise, yet so goofy and humble. Your energy was infectious, even when you would talk about ancient dog breeds and 80’s rock for hours on end. I will forever cherish not only every laugh but also all of the tears we shared. I have not been able to put into words how much you meant to me and I don’t think I ever will be able to. But please know that I love you so, so much and your light will continue to burn within me every day that passes without you.

Leah, I remember sitting at Gregory’s with you the first time we spoke at length – hearing about your career as a swimmer and how you one day dropped the path you had pursued as a skilled swimmer to pursue something different. How you became a debater and again excelled. Your grace, honesty, humility, and curiosity in the way you approached life shone through from the very first time we spoke. It was an honor to know you, Leah. I wish I could have seen you graduate and pursue the next adventure here. But I trust you are at peace and joyful today, and I am so very glad for that. Love, your advisor and friend, Michelle

Leah, you are greatly missed by many people. You touched far more lives than you knew. May God forever smile upon you and give you His everlasting peace and joy eternal.

Hey, sweet girl. I only had four months with you, and I wish it could have been so many more. I wish I could talk with you one last time. You completed our little family, a family of four 18-year-olds girls just starting college and not knowing what they were doing. I miss seeing you every early morning, watching you draw late at night, miss lipsyncing to music with you and watching Stranger Things. It was a short time, but those days were so incredibly meaningful to me. I wish I had those four months back. I wish I had gotten more time to know you. I wish that I understood. Thank you for being kind, silly, and a sincere listener. I have and always will strive to be more like you. The love for you is never-ending.

Leah, you will always be the smartest person I was friends with at King’s. Love you and your kind spirit. ❤️

Not a day goes by where you aren’t missed at King’s. I will always remember that night at Hanover where you, Alexa, and I were sitting at that table outside the lounge waiting for someone to leave one of the private rooms. It might not have meant much to you, but that night was so much fun “studying” for whatever class we were cramming for. We are continually praying for your family. We love you dearly.

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