Lillie Finch

Summa Cum Laude


Summa Cum Laude
Lillie Finch


House of Queen Elizabeth I

“Lillie: The energy and enthusiasm you bring to class, whether in sauna-like classrooms or Zoom meeting, is infectious and encouraging. Thank you! Your great habits of preparation and participation will serve you well in all that comes next.”

— Dr. Matthew Parks

Matthew Parks


House of Queen Elizabeth I


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • Founders Honorable Mention Scholarship
  • Vice President of Dele (Spring ’18)
  • Vice Chairwoman of The Publius Society (Fall 18-Spring 19)
  • Member of the Dean’s List every semester for all 3 years of college

Notes for Lillie

Congratulations, Lily! It was always a pleasure running into you around school or working on creative projects. I pray you have a wonderful next chapter in life!

LILLIE!! you are such a queen and i am so honored to be able to call you a fellow queen and also a dear friend. I will miss seeing your smile and your intention of always asking how i am.
You are amazing and i am so proud of you for persevering.

Lillie, Bravo! I enjoyed having you as a student in my Bach class. Best wishes for the future!

Lillie!!! I’m so blessed to have gotten to know you better these past few years. You are insanely smart, caring, and brave, and even on your darker days you’ve shown such an incredible ability to push through and persevere. I’m sad we weren’t able to have Philly 2.0, but hopefully one day you can take me on a tour of a museum as the chief curator instead!! I’ll miss freaking out over exams and papers with you in the faculty wing, but I can’t wait to see the amazing things that await you (including marriage 😉) in your post-grad life!!

You’re such a great person, and I really enjoyed getting to know you during our time at King’s together. I’m excited to see what God has in store for you!

You made my first couple years at King’s friendlier. Thanks for all your work and congrats!


Congrats on graduating!! And not just graduating, but graduating magma cum laude (ahh magma, red hair, dumb pun)!! You’re a hard worker and a noble soul, and a light everywhere you go. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!!

Eddie VanZandt

Lillie! From meeting you at Inviso (and finding our we have a crazy cool connection to Boone, NC) to tea to exploring nyc in the snow – you are such a delight to know! I’m really thankful for your friendship – especially that first year you are one of the people I don’t know what I would have done without. Continue going forth in your bravery while sharing your joy! I’m really excited for you for your future – congrats Lillie!!

Lillie, it was a wonderful to get to know you in Shakespeare this year — thanks for your hard work and enthusiasm. Wishing you the very best!

Congratulations, Lillie Finch! You are strong, smart, and kind – a dynamic trio! Thank you for your leadership and support of Publius last year. I wish you all the best as you start a new adventure.

Lillie! You made it! I will miss you dearly next year. But I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see where life takes you!

Lillie! My first student minoring in Museum Studies! Thanks for jumping on that train with me. It’s been a pleasure having you in class, on tours, and running around an almost-quarantined London! If you need anything, you know where to find me. Dr. B.

Lillie! Congratulations on graduating today! I know how hard you have worked to get here! You are incredibly compassionate, and that compassion doesn’t “switch off” when you enter the classroom and are introduced to new artists and thinkers. Your Professors see that compassion shining through you and your work, which I think is why they all admire and speak so highly of you. I, too, have seen your deep love and compassion for people as your roommate. When I was going through a very hard time, you did not hesitate to show me compassion. I also saw you extend that same compassion to yourself each and every day when difficult things were going on. Your strength comes from your relationship with God, and you are a beautiful witness of His love and compassion. I miss you, and I’m so grateful for you! Let’s cook a good Southern meal together when this whole pandemic is over, or maybe just go out dancing again. I am celebrating you today! Congratulations!

Lillie, I will always remember your enthusiasm during PBI and our Poetry class. You never failed to greet me with a smile and I thank you for your support during House competitions. You are a gem and I know you’ll do great things!

Lillie Finch… you gorgeous, amazing, person you… CONGRATULATIONS!
I am so proud of you and I have loved being your friend. I know you are going to do AMAZING things and I cannot wait to see what those are! One day, when I live in England, we’ll go on so many adventures and drink tea… and until then we will do the same but just without fake British accents.


It was a pleasure to meet you and work the morning shift with you at the Bowery Mission on the Day of Service in January 2020. Congratulations on earning your degree and graduating magna cum laude!

Lillie, I love talking about everything and nothing with you. I love exploring the city and learning new things with you. You are hard-working and determined, but you don’t scare others off with your intellect. You’re kind and compassionate and let me steal your blazer too much sophomore year. Only a true friend would agree to help move me into a 4-story walk-up. Congratulations on completing all the long hours reading books and writing papers! I’ll miss not being able to run off to museums with you, but I’m so excited for what God has in store for you next! With your intellect, perseverance, and character, I know you can nail whatever comes next. All the love. <3

Lillie! You have grown so much from when you came to King’s and I am so proud of you! You’re a brilliant, beautiful, and bold queen. I hope that you keep your passion for learning kindled in your life after King’s and am so excited to see how you make the world better.

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