Marisa Elaine Wood

Business Management

Marisa Wood


House of Clara Barton

“Anyone who knows you knows what a rock you are to those you love. You have persevered and won the prize. So proud of you!”

— Prof. Dawn Fotopulos

Dawn Fotopulos


House of Clara Barton


  • House of Clara Barton executive team member assistant (2017-18)

Notes for Marisa

You did it, Marisa–congratulations! You are such a rock star in so many ways. Our friendship has been a highlight of my year. Thank you for your example of perseverance and steadfastness. I can’t wait to see what God does in you and through you in the future!


Professor Fotopulos is RIGHT! So proud to get to call you a fellow TKC alum. Keep doing what you’re doing. God has got some big plans for you!

xoxo, vic

Oh, sweet Marisa! I am so sad our time together was cut short and that you ended up leaving NYC so early. I miss you dearly, please come visit as much as possible! You are always welcome at my place and we can have many more adventures and Bachelor nights together when you come. 🙂 I loved getting to know you better these past couple of months and cannot wait to see where God takes you in the months to come. Stay safe on the farm! 😉 Love you.

I’m so glad I got to meet you through King’s. You’re such a sweet girl and I loved getting to know you. Hopefully we’ll finally get to grab a drink 🙂

Marisa! We go way back to 3J in Wash. We were just lil babies back then, but we survived! You have such a strong, caring, and thoughtful and heart (and great taste in fashion btw). Let’s do keep in touch and I’m excited to see what the future holds for you! All the best to ya!

My boss lady. Wow. You made it. I’m so proud to call you my friend and can’t wait to watch you THRIVE. I’m sad I didn’t get to say goodbye before you left the city, but I’m confident we’ll cross paths again soon. Love you to the moon sweet girl!

You are every bit as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside! You are loving and thoughtful, and even though we didn’t spend much time together, you have always been so kind to me, and I’m grateful for that! I loved hearing you share in our Ministry to Women class. Your heart for God and others is evident in all you say. I know you are an enormous blessing to the high schoolers you work with and that God will do so much through you. I hope that you are happy and fulfilled wherever you end up in life!

Wow! That time seemed to go so fast! Congratulations, Marisa! You’ve achieved a great accomplishment 😊. Watch out world 💕

Congratulations Marisa! Your such a sweet, beautiful young lady. Wishing you the very best! ❤

My WOMAN! These last few years have been the best thanks to you. You have been the biggest blessing and I am forever thankful to call you friend. Can’t wait to hug you lots and lots!! I LOVE YOU MY DANCING QUEEN COW GIRL 🧡🌼

It’s only up from here, sweet girl! You ran the race so well, and I’m so proud of you. I’ll forever be thankful that King’s brought me you. Love you forever.

Marisa, Uncle Kevin and I are so proud of you and your accomplishments! You truly are such a wonderful beautiful young woman. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for you next. Congratulations! Love you to the moon and back,
Aunt Nee

Your mother and I are so proud of you. Although you’ve only been in my life for 8 years, I’m so blessed to call you my daughter. Great things are in your future. Thank you for sharing your life with us! We love you.

The pride that you feel inside for the achievement that now has arrived, with your head held high with your goals to succeed in every stride, may your walk grow with Grace and knowledge of our Lord and the wisdom that you have gained guide and direct you always. We are so proud of you for your great accomplishment! Congratulations sweetie!
Love Dad & April

Marisa, you’re awesome! I’m so glad to have gotten to know you during our time at King’s. You’re so smart, and you’re so genuine. I’m really excited to see what God has in store for you!

you’re so cool, marisa! glad i got to know you better the last couple semesters at king’s – hope you’re doing well, wherever you are, and that we can hang out again sometime soon. 🙂 congrats on graduating!!!

You are an amazing, fierce, beautiful, person inside and out! I feel blessed to have been a part of your journey watching you blossom into the woman you are today! God has big plans for you! Congratulations on your accomplishment!
We Love you!
Aunt Denise and Uncle Tom

Marisa, I’m kicking myself. We never did go thrift shopping. Thank you for your bright smile, sense of humor, and amazing sense of fashion. Congrats!

Very proud of your accomplishment Marisa! I always knew you would do great things! Keep going girl!

Marisa! You are such a kind person and I will never forget the times we hung out freshman year with Lauren in your apartment. I will cherish the time we spent together and am thankful we got to know each other over these four years. Always be yourself and you are going to do great things in the future!

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