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Meagan Weber


House of Margaret Thatcher

“Hi Meagan, Loved having you in my Dramatic Writing and Advanced Dramatic Writing classes. Please do stay in touch and let’s meet up for coffee to catch up from time to time!”

— Prof. Chris Cragin-Day

Chris Cragin-Day


House of Margaret Thatcher


  • The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • Interregnum Liaison for the House of Margaret Thatcher (2017-2018)
  • Grace and Mercy Award Recipient

Notes for Meagan

Meagan- congrats on your graduation from King’s! I am so proud of you! Thank you for your service to the House. I loved that you got that 2nd place finish in interregnum all those years ago. I know how hard you worked! Wish you the best!

Meagan Weber, I am so so glad and proud to call you my friend. You have been honest, supportive, and funny all of these years and I am so grateful for all of our days spent acting like freaks and idiots. I love you!

Meagan! What an absolute joy it has been to be your friend. From forcing each other to stay awake in class to filming a weird (and trendy? haha) sock puppet economics video to working at COTC together, I’ve cherished every moment. You have a unique perspective on the world, and I can’t wait to see how you shape art even while it shapes you. We can’t wait for you to come back to NYC!


I am so proud of you and forever glad I met you. Here’s to more nights at Fenimore that involve movies and trash and no homework at all!

Shoot man congrats!!!! I think you’re the full package. You’re hilarious, smart, creative, kind, I could go on. But what I really want the internet to know is our Bob Ross House History was all you!!!!!!! All I did was tease my hair. Actually you did that too if we’re being honest.

WOW I am so glad to know you. You’re beautiful, hilarious, talented, smart. Don’t ever underestimate yourself, you have so much ahead of you. Please keep in touch. CONGRATS!

Congratulations Meagan! I’m so thankful that you and Haley crossed paths. You have been a good friend. I always enjoyed seeing your new hair colors on FaceTime calls! I pray that you find the job of your dreams! I know God has great plans for your future.

You’re about to find out the raw, visceral thrill that is realizing that you will never have to do homework or write a paper ever again. You may know it on an intellectual level, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

One night it will hit you and you will feel it resonating within you spiritually. Shoot me a text it happens, cause it’s a beautiful thing.

Congrats on graduating!

Meagan, I have so many pictures of you in my head and house, and all of them display your delightful soul. I love this one because you are offering your flower to the camera, to the viewer, to me. That flower, packed with seeds and little parachutes, will go out into the world to create more flowers, and just so, you are about to sew your own seeds in the world. We don’t know, any more than that flower knew, where the seeds will find welcoming soil, but they will. You leave your education to enter a strange, bewildering world, and none of us know how or where your offerings will be received, but they will be. Congratulations on sixteen years of educational work, full of flowers and seeds offered to the world. May they germinate and and grow in ways that give you and those around you as much joy and delight as you and this darling photo of you give to me.

Meagan, I am so proud of you! You an amazing young lady with so much potential!! I pray that God will will lead you in all that you do!! I love you sweet girl🥰👩‍🎓

Sweet Meagan,
I was honored to be with you and your mom during your first trip to NYC. What a joy it was to see you as a bright eyed 17 year old experiencing the magic of the city that you would call home for the next four years.

I remember you being absolutely fearless as you navigated the city while soaking in the sights and sounds. I also imagined the pressure you must have felt in knowing you needed to find the college that was a fit for you in such a short visit. But you did it and I was as certain then, as I am now, that you made the right call. The Kings College opened up so many challenges and opportunities that will serve you well as you move into the workforce.

We are all proud of you and while our trip to NYC for your graduation was cancelled, I have no doubt we will return one day.

Congratulations and many blessings to you for your continued journey.

Connie (aka) The Undercover Boss

“But, I’m not you, Mom!” The sharp edge of that truth cut a new path for your life. You had your head and your heart set on a place that I had never been, and you chose a school I didn’t even know existed. Wow… I just realized that must have been your plan all along – to have a place and an experience that was completely yours, and not a reflection of mine. That’s just so you, my dear daughter. The last four years have belonged completely to you, for sure. And while it has not been my experience, I am fortunate to have had a front-row seat to this divine story. To watch you take on life in one of the most amazing cities in the world is breathtaking. You found The King’s College. Or maybe, TKC found you. I know this – that God is orchestrating an adventure that is uniquely you and yours. You are right when you say that you’re not me. You are so much MORE! You take on life with such exuberance. You always have. I saw it back then, and see it now. I love you, Meagan Weber. Congratulations on your graduation. Let the next chapter begin. Here’s to the Class of 2020!

Meagan, Even though we didn’t see each other on campus much, you were a consistent COTC buddy who made those early mornings and constantly-changing setups fun! I can’t wait to see where your creativity and ingenuity take you next!

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