Micah Timothy Paulec

Cum Laude

Politics, Philosophy, and Economics

Cum Laude
Micah Paulec


House of Winston Churchill

“Micah, thank you for everything that you have done for our college during your time as a student. The house system, the faculty, athletics, and all of us are thankful for your commitment and contributions. It has been wonderful having you in class. I look forward to seeing all that you will do as a distinguished alumnus — we are proud of you!”

— Dr. David Talcott

David Talcott


House of Winston Churchill


  • Faculty Assistant for Prof. Lynda Kong, Dr. Anthony Bradley, Prof. Clemente Lisi, and Prof. Paul Glader
  • Captain of Cross Country team for two years
  • Chamberlain for House of Churchill
  • Intern with National Association of Scholars and Providence Magazine


  • Cross Country 2016-2018

Notes for Micah

Micah- I’m so glad for all of our random run-ins coming in and out of the building! I loved our chats even while brief. So glad you served as a Chamberlain all those years ago! Proud of you. Congrats!

Micah! There are so many things to say. I can’t believe your time at King’s is coming to an end. I am grateful for God bringing you to King’s and giving me a chance to reconnect with your family. From birthday cupcakes and pizza for Mia to random drop ins from your dad, I am going to miss you and your fam. If you have a graduation celebration, I want an invite. 🙂

Micah, you’re a stellar guy and I was glad to have you in a class or two! Peace to you in whatever comes next!

AHHHH! Congratulations!

Thanks for all your wit and humor. You made procrastinating in the library entertaining.

Congratulations on graduating from The Kings College. You have always offered a very different insight into the world. We wish you lots of good luck on your next adventure!!

The Goldstein Family

Congratulations Micah! I know you will do many AWESOME things in your future! I am so happy that I had moved to FL and got to know you and your wonderful family. Soar ahead now, my friend….💖💖

Well howdydoo! Congratulations my friend. 🙂 Here’s a photo of you and Murphy raising your hands to receive leftovers to take home from house retreat. A true classic. But look at you now: a graduate. Well done!

Micah, Wow! You did it! What an adventure you had and what a way to top it off. You have such an exciting future, Captain!

Every blessing on you as you shine the light of Jesus into this world!

Micah! Thank you for being a great coach to me on the cross country team the summer of 2017 before I hurt my hip and had to quit (haha). I hope that you are healthy and still find time to run and do little things that bring you joy during this quarantine season. Congrats on graduating!

Thank you for joining forces with me to annoy Zach Wagner at any given point during college. I appreciate your friendship and you’re going to kill it in post grad life!

Micah, my fellow Ferrara bro,

We survived. It’s been a wild ride, and I’m grateful to have shared plenty of chunks of my time at King’s with a good man like you. You were a good Chamberlain to Churchill, and you’ve been a good classmate and friend. You’re a smart dude, and a good man, and I wish you the best of luck.

Eddie VanZandt

Micah! Thanks for reading your fantastic poems in Odéon, for entertaining me in Israel, and for helping me get through Foundations of Journalism. You’re a great guy and I know you’ll go far!

I want to be like you when I grow up. I can’t tell you the impact you had on the entire college and our House. You’re a beast. So proud of you! Congrats!

Micah, my favorite memory with you is when we were floating in the Dead Sea in Israel and we couldn’t stop laughing. I have no idea what we were laughing about, but I remember it being one of the best moments of my whole life! A close second is when you were a “brave tourist.” You are so intelligent and so thoughtful, as well as incredibly kind. I’m glad that I had classes with you. I hope our paths will cross again very soon!

I couldn’t find this photo when I made my initial post, but here it is. NSO with the fam, August 2016!

Our family is so proud of not only your academic achievements but also the young man that you have become. May the life lessons you’ve learned, the friendships you’ve fostered and the memories you’ve made equip & gift you as you embark on this next season ahead. We are praying for you and entrusting you into His care. Here’s to the next Adventure!-Much Love, Michelle, Chris, Katelyn and Grey Stratton

Spending time with you as a sweet little boy was a favorite of mine when I was in college. Now you are graduating yourself and have made such a special mark on this world already. May the Lord direct your path. I look forward to see where He takes you.

Love you Micah T.

Always nice to say hi to you in the halls after college writing together- you’re a smart and kind man, you’ll go far. Congratulations!

Micah, you are so kind! Thanks for always laughing at my bad jokes. It has been a pleasure to know you these last four years! I wish you nothing but the best!


You have been such blessing to my life. I am glad I was able to share all these years with you since OG. I admire your heart and your passion. I love you brother. I wish you the best.

Congrats, Micah!

Thank you for being a role model for me in Christ when we walked the halls of King’s and ran the streets of New York, pal. You showed me what it means to live out your faith. Thank you.

Take the love of God that lives in you and share it.

You will do amazing things!


Congratulations Micah!

It’s been so fun to get to know you better over this last year- I wish we would have known each other better in Israel! You’ve been a great classmate and we’ve certainly had some good laughs (usually at Garrett or in a certain economics class last fall lol). Wishing you all the best beyond King’s!

My dearest Micah,

The time for us to say goodbye is near. The day I hoped would never come is here. So many hearts are broken, we must somehow carry on. I sure am gonna miss you, when we’re gone.

Memes and Manhood, those are the two things I will remember about our time together at kings. You are both witty and also INCREDIBLY THOUGHTFUL. My goodness my man you blow me away. I wish we could walk the aisle together hand in hand, but this is what I’ll have to settle for (for now 😉 ) Take it easy man, proud to graduate alongside you.

Congratulations! It just doesn’t seem possible you are old enough to graduate from college. I hold many memories of you growing up close to my heart. Know the Lord has big plans for you as you follow Him.

Micah, it has been an honor to watch you grow from the amazing young man I met on a track several years ago into an even finer man if God these last four years. May God continue to lead you on the path he has laid out for you and may you continue to let your beautiful light shine as brightly as it has all these years. Congratulations my friend and well done, good and faithful.

We are so proud of you Micah! We were looking forward to celebrating this great achievement with you in person, but God had other plans. We can’t believe you’re graduating college already, but we’re so excited to see where you go from here and the exciting things the Lord has in store for your future. Jeremiah 29:11.
Love & hugs from the CA Paulec’s!


I have no doubt you are moving on to do more BIG things in life and impact numerous more lives for the Kingdom! I cannot believe you are graduating. It seems like just yesterday we were sending you off to college. The Daughertys love you and are SO SO PROUD of you. Well done!!

Candis, Chris, Cade, Carson & Cailin

Thanks for your help as an FA this semester. And thanks for your service to the EST during your time as a student. I appreciate your quiet leadership and your commitment to being a strong student and a follower of Christ. Psalm 90:12 “Oh Lord, Teach us to number our days so that we may present too thee, a heart of wisdom.” Best Wishes, Prof. Paul Glader

Congratulations Micah, you’re going to be a success on every path you choose to run!

Micah, we are excited to hear that you have conquered one of your many milestones as you continue this journey called life. Your drive to accomplish your physical, academic, and personal goals is inspirational to the youth in our community!

Micah! Congratulations on your graduation. I am sure you will keep working to achieve other goals and have great adventures. Un gran saludo desde Costa Rica – Pura vida!!!

Dude did you hear Wendy’s ran out of meat?! The cornerstone of our great country, gone without a sweet goodbye. 🙁

I miss you, I miss Wendy’s, and I miss seeing you at Wendy’s.

Congrats on the degree, Micah, this next season of life is going to be a blast.

Congratulations, Micah! So proud of you! Keep making a difference and being a blessing to those around you!

Can’t believe it’s already been four years!! Congratulations, you did so well!

Micah – it was such an honor being your Challenge II Director. You are such an old soul and always brought depth and insight into our seminar discussions. You are such a witty, deep, creative person and you bring out the best in everyone in your life. You have accomplished such amazing things and you are an inspiration to us all. My family is so grateful for all of the memories we have…so MUCH laughter!!!

It feels just like a few months ago when you first joined Churchill, you have come so far. You were also as a solid person to talk to about Politics and life.

Micah, thanks for all the laughs in Statistics and Modern Philosophy! You always made great contributions in class and I know that you will go on to do great things.

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