Rebekah Marie Lambdin


Rebekah Lambdin


House of Sojourner Truth

“Rebekah, Your graduating brings fond memories of great discussions and sad regrets of things left undone. I appreciated so many of our chats after classes and appreciated how the Reformation debates lingered on with the Cavanaugh book study. Then alas, we never finished that last chapter of the book, just as the quarantine left Two Cents and more trips to the Shire incomplete. Such is life with wonderful students like Rebekah: you can never get enough and they depart for greater things too soon.”

— Dr. Steele Brand

Steele Brand


House of Sojourner Truth


  • Recipient of The King’s College Presidential Scholarship
  • Founder’s Honorable Mention Scholarship
  • Grace & Mercy Foundation Scholarship
  • Leadership Scholarship
  • Legacy Scholarship
  • Director of Student Events (2019-2020)
  • Senior Events and Production Associate (2017-2020)


  • Women’s Soccer (2016-2020), Captain of team in 2019

Notes for Rebekah

Rebekah. Please don’t go. In fact, I really never thought you would leave, and the denial is real.

While you have been the most reliable, consistent, dedicated partner I’ve ever had, what I will miss the most are the memories that created our friendship: The looks I would read on your face that didn’t require words. The arguments about whether or not I sent you an email (turns out, you were mostly right). Constantly moving your work station or giving you the wrong cubicle. The tablecloths…. The dishwasher…. The events lab sink…. The Uber rides to the Princeton Club. The guy looking at books. The problem check-in. The many, many times you forgave my unpreparedness. Two of the smoothest commencements we’ve ever run, neither of which were your own. The dinners where we’d talk about you-know-who. The weddings (all of them). Your kindness, patience, resilience, and authenticity throughout all of these moments taught me something new each day. I’m praying for you in this next season, and I’m grateful to the Lord for putting you in my life. I love you to death, congratulations!

The College–and its administration–will not be the same without you! Thanks for all your hard work.

Congratulations, Rebekah! Thank you for making King’s a better place with your work as the Director of Student Events and with the Conferencing and Events department. You will be greatly missed. God bless you in your next chapter.

Rebekah, you are PHENOMENAL at what you do. Thank you for choosing to invest in King’s as much as you did. I’ve loved getting to know you more this past year!

Rebekah- It’s hard to me to even begin to fathom what events will look like without you around! For four years I have looked to you for answers I don’t even have! You are impressive. I wish you the best! Congrats on your graduation!

Rebekah, it’s been a joy having you in TWO classes. The sign that you have my respect is I keep forgetting you’re not running this place already. Peace to you in your coming trials and triumphs!

Dearest Rebekah, I have no words for how amazing you are – you never miss the chance to make someone feel special and you go out of your way to make life easier on others. The West Coast is lucky to have you!

Rebekah! Wow, what a great job at college. You literally worked like it was a job. (Look at all these comments!) Well done. You deserve all the celebrating that I hope will soon ensue in CA.

I am so thankful you decided to join the cabinet rather than transfer. And I am thankful the year was as challenging as it was. And that your housing was a mess in the late-Fall. Without all this, I wouldn’t know you (or nearly as well!) and there would not be a betta fish on my counter right now. Haha. I really appreciate your passion, perspective, and work ethic. You have impacted us and this community more than we can articulate. Thank you! Don’t be a stranger.


There are very few people that I consider irreplaceable in this job we do, but you are definitely one of them. Know that nothing we’ve done together over the past 2 years would have been the same without you, and enjoy your well-earned sun-filled break.


Thanks for being such a bright, Godly light everywhere you go, including Megan and I’s lives. Proud of you and cheers to your future endeavors, congrats!

My dearest Rebekah! Looking back, I am so beyond thankful that I received an email in late July titled, “YOU’RE ON MY TEAM!” as the Events Committee was my most favorite memory of my first year at King’s. You lead with such understanding and compassion but were unafraid to speak your truth in getting things done!! I will miss your leadership, but even more, your friendship. If I ever end up planning a formal event on a yacht, I’ll know who to call!❤️

Congratulations to our niece! Well done! We are confident you will go out and conquer whatever comes your way! You’ve learned a lot of great lessons along the way which will serve you well in this thing we call adjusting! Blessings to you! Love always, Uncle Rob & Aunt Cynth

Congratulations Rebekah! Your beautiful smile lights up the room….and your Godly spirit will shine brightly for the Lord wherever you go! Blessings to you always!

Rebekah, your passion for this school and for making sure everyone around you is always having a fun time is so inspiring to me. Thank you for leading our team, and you will be so missed!!

We didn’t get to celebrate your graduation with our NYC Hamilton adventure weekend, but our journey is long, and I know we will always have another “&” on the horizon.

Rebekah, I am proud to say we’ve been friends since freshman year. From you giving us all beta fish freshman year to last-minute joining the soccer team my senior year, I am grateful for all the memories in between! Thank you for basically helping run King’s and the servant’s heart you have! You are going to be so successful in the future and I hope our paths cross again soon!

Rebekah, you are the events queen and you carry yourself with such grace. I was always inspired by how well you handled every crazy, big event at King’s. You are wise beyond your years and I hope you are healthy during this time. Can’t wait to see where life takes you!


Your leadership this year – on the soccer team, on the events team, and on the King’s Cabinet – has been incredible. When we were both freshmen, I just assumed that you were a senior because of all the work that you did. This assumption continued every year until this one, when I assumed that you must surely have graduated by now and be working full-time for the college (especially once you got the fancy desk on the fifth floor). King’s won’t be the same without you. You’ve been a positive presence in everything you’ve been involved in, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Eddie VanZandt

My dear Rebekah. Where to begin?

From the minute I met you I knew you were wise beyond your years. You demonstrated leadership from day 1 in the Great Race, at fall retreat, and at house events. I have no doubt that you have continued to lead at school for the last 3 years. I also know you are a strong/reliable worker because my husband likes you as an employee and he’s a picky one. 😉

You have had some of your own challenges to overcome these past few years, and yet through it all, I see you constantly thinking about other people. People look up to you – but you don’t abuse that. You use it to give back to others around you, and to serve your community. You are an incredible woman and I count myself lucky to know you.

Congratulations on graduating. This world isn’t ready for you. <3

Congratulations Rebekah! You’ve earned this. Thank you for always being available to patiently answer questions and give instructions. You’ve given so much to The King’s Community behind the scenes and I’m lucky to have worked under you for the management of events. You are a natural-born leader with a whole lot of empathy and that will take you far. Good luck in all your endeavors!

Rebekah you are Amazing, Bossy, and Amazing again lol! So proud to watch you, and cheer you on through ALL of the challenges and victories you have had in your short life…. It’s really a honor to see all you have accomplished, and to see all the people you have touched in your years before Kings and during! You always lead with integrity, character and Jesus Christ, and I am so inspired by you! Congrats On your college graduation, and can’t wait to See what unfolds for your future! Love ya Mrs. Nina

Congratulations 🎉 Rebekah on a job well done! We are so proud of you for your many impressive accomplishments, who you are as a person and that we have had the privilege of watching you grow into the beautiful and confident woman you are! You are a born leader and world changer! May God continue to go before you in all you set your mind to!!! Love 💗 the Hale family

Co-captain, my captain!! I’m so honored to say I’ve had the chance to share that title with you. Your passion, work ethic, and sincerity in everything you do will take you so far. I’m going to miss your early morning practice positivity in the FREEZING cold, and planning all the fun things we wanted to set up for the team. You are a blessing!!!

So thankful we got to work together this year! You are such a joy and the biggest helper. Couldn’t have done much this year without you! I wish you the best!

Congratulations! You are an amazing woman and I have no doubt that God has something incredible in store for you!!! Celebrate and enjoy your day!!!
May God Bless you and your beautiful family always!


I didn’t really know you at all before this year, but I can’t imagine my King’s experience without you! You live and breathe events, you spread your joy and choose to celebrate everything, and never ceased to try to annoy me (hopefully I annoyed you in return!). Sad but glad to graduate alongside you!

Congratulations, Rebekah! We are so excited to watch where this next journey takes you!

Congratulations Rebekah! You are incredible! So proud of all your amazing accomplishments. So thankful to have you as a cousin, friend, and mentor. Thank you for always making me laugh. Can’t wait to celebrate you! Love you bek.

We are going to miss more than just your incredible gifts which alone, can speak for themselves. But most of all we’ll miss your smile, your love, your great sense of humor, and your love for your community which I can only imagine comes from the overflowing love that you could have only learned from an incredible family. I already know God is smiling on you and he’s going to take you to even bigger and higher mountains where you will experience so many blessings. It has been a joy to work with you. I will miss you so very much, my Truth sister. It just isn’t going to be the same without you.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11

Rebekah you have always been my little fireball! You have always been in the middle of everything and making things happen. You lead effectively no matter where you are in a group. You walk in a room and grab everyone’s attention.
God has made you truly resilient. You certainly do not like the crazy events that have happened at the most in opportune times. However, you handle them so well. I have told you for a very long time, God has gifted you in the area of leadership that I have seen in very few people. You definitely have “eyes to see and ears to hear”.
I am also very excited for your next chapter. You are beautiful sweetie! Keep flashing that dimpled smile of yours! I love you so much, and I am so very proud of you.

Congratulations Rebekah! What a joy it is to watch you rejoice as you graduate. Your efforts and labors on behalf of yourself, team, co-workers and your respective projects are nothing short of wonderful. You epitomize all that a servant leader should be and I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to share a small part of your life. I appreciated the godly manner in which you got things done and know this; in the same fashion that I always lifted up our entire team in prayer, I will do so for you as you head to the next endeavor.

May the Lord Bless you and Keep you

Your friend,


Congratulations Rebekah! Thank you so much for everything your did for TKC Athletics and women’s soccer. I wish we could’ve gotten a swim team going!
God bless you and good luck with everything in the future!

Congrats Bek!

You are extraordinary in every way! I could not be more thankful to Jesus for blessing me with you as my big sister! I am so so proud of you and this huge accomplishment! I know it is not how you imagined it would look but watching you embrace the ups and downs have been so beautiful to see! You have been a constant example to me of what it looks like to choose joy on the hard days. And to remember God has a bigger and better plan then either of us could imagine. The rona took a lot from us but i’m so glad it gave me the chance to spend the last couple months of your senior year with you, it was like capital all over again:) Shoot God’s got big plans for you and I’m so thankful I get to watch up close and personal!
Love you so so much!

My dearest Rebekah, there are no words to express to you how very proud I am of you and all your accomplishments! You have been through some of those blue moments (summer before high school senior year) but you and God turned those into yellow ones, no GOLD ones! You have not only got through them, but have excelled at everything you have put your mind to. I can’t wait to see where we go from here! I love you my precious granddaughter. CONGRATULATIONS Bek! Job well done!

Congrats Rebekah! It’s been great watching you on the field and seeing you care for and guide the other girls on the team. I’m so pleased you came to Kings, even if it was a year later than when we hoped to have you on the team!

Rebekah, I’m pretty sure you run the world (or at least King’s). It has been an absolute blast getting to know and work with you this year. I am inspired by your love of celebrations and your infections joy for life! You are a powerhouse. Wish I could give you a big hug!

Ughhh BEK!!

Why is it that when I shouldn’t say anything, I can’t seem to shut my mouth, but when I need the words, they never come?!

Anywhoot, I don’t know that I’ll ever be able to describe how much you’ve meant to me these 4yrs. You were everything and more 😭 I thank the Lord everyday that I always have you. It’s been the sweetest thing to watch our friendship blossom and shape both of us. My friend, my study buddy, my boss, my advisor, my confidante, my fan, my soccer mom, my sister 🥺 gosh, how I love you!!! I’m so proud of you and all you’ve accomplished. This is your day and you did it🥳 keep pushing though and breaking ceilings!! The world needs you, even if it’s not ready for you 🤪 I miss you and can’t wait till we’re reunited 💗

Rebekah, congrats! I loved hearing a bit of your story during fall retreat and have been so impressed with your competence, diligence and care. He has such good plans for you. Best of luck as you start this new season!

Bek, my heart is so full as I look through pictures, videos, and think of the memories and little day to day life moments I’ve shared with you and had the opportunity to be part of in your time at King’s and in the city. Never could I have imagined your path would lead to King’s but it did and it has been an answer to a prayer and yearning to have a sister close by. As adults, it’s been nice to be a big sister who could be there for my little sister. And not surprisingly as I look back, I can see the road and evidence of you making the city, King’s, and your overall college experience your own. The first year, you were on my couch doing homework, watching a movie, or eating dinner a lot with me, trying to navigate community and life in this new place – but as each year went by it became a bit less and a bit less and a bit less. Soon I was the one coming to you more often than not, and yes I’m still me so I wish you’d have come to see and hangout with me more – but you were building your community, finding your people, your niche, and your own go-to’s in the city. I am so proud of you. Not a single person in New York (nope, not just King’s) who has met you doesn’t know you to be a generous, competent, compassionate, fair, hard working, committed, reliable, badass boss! And it has been a joy to be around to watch and be present for so much of that. I’m so honored and proud to be your sister and friend!
Here’s to 🥂 – the first days, last days, birthdays, move outs, move ins, new and deceased beta fish, Ronnie (RIP), soccer games, van rides, recitals, movies and dinners at Hanover, Thanksgiving and Easter meals, Alamo dates, sleepovers, long rants about King’s politics and shenanigans, your “locker” office and door to close to take a quick breather, a few tea dates, and so many laughs, tears, and laughs that became tears! You are Bek da best – Happy Graduation Day!

Congratulations on graduating! HAGAS!
– Kiana

I’m kidding! You know I could write a book on our friendship, but you know the love I have for you is out of this world. I quite literally could not have survived my time at King’s without you. From being roommates, going on the Israel trip together , and the soccer team—you’ve been an amazing friend through it all. Love you endlessly and I know we will reunite every year until the end of time:)

Thank you, Rebekah, for blessing us at King’s with your leadership and grace. May you know all of God’s richest blessings in Christ.


Congratulations on earning your degree, and thank you for your many contributions to King’s. I especially enjoyed the “Two Cents” evening that you put together in fall 2019 when Loconte and I interviewed each other in that nice lounge on the UWS. What fun!

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