Ryan P. Turner

Journalism, Culture and Society

Ryan Turner


House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

“Congratulations and good luck to you in life and work, Ryan! We enjoyed having you in our classes and on the EST. And it was a fun memory to recall our dude’s dinner at The Princeton Club. Keep in touch and remember to put God First in your life.”

— Prof. Paul Glader

Paul Glader


House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer


  • Technical Director of the King’s Players
  • House of Dietrich Bonhoeffer City Engagement Coordinator
  • Empire State Tribune Staff Writer
  • Empire State Tribune Culture Editor
  • Empire State Tribune Campus Editor
  • Society of Professional Journalists TKC Chapter Vice President
  • PR Intern at The Ashima Group
  • PR and Marketing Intern at Talia Di Napoli


  • Men’s Soccer 2016

Notes for Ryan

Congratulations, Ryan! You are a talented and kind man. I’ll miss you around campus. May God bless you in your next chapter.

Ryan- you are a good man. I wish you all the best! So happy for you! Congrats on graduation.

Congratulations on your graduation and all the things you have accomplished. I am proud to call you Grandson.

Ryan! Let’s play catch with some fruit on a nyc rooftop again soon. Congrats on graduating!!

Ryan! I’m so glad the journalism program and ALL the photoshoots I’ve done of you made us friends – you’re hilarious, talented, and will go big places. Can’t wait to see you get married SOON!

Ryan, someday we will own that garage where we can drive our motorcycles in and get lifted up straight into our apartment. Until then, I will be drafting up imaginary blueprints to build one. luv u

ahhh, Mr. Turner. Okay, here’s our checklist.

1. Get another burner phone from Nome, Alaska.
2. Get the garage like the one Dan mentioned.
3. Chill in the Natural History Museum all day.
4. Film all of the short films we’ll never film.
Call me for more details.

Remember that one night when you convinced a group of that it would be fun to sit in on a court hearing and we all did it

Ryan, so many of my favorite college memories have you in them, especially from freshman and sophomore year. You are so kind and have always been a wonderful friend to me. You’re one of the best guys I know!

Did I hear something the other day about you, Italy, and pizza ingredients? Can’t go wrong with that combo.

Congratulations Ryan! Well done.

I’m so thankful that you and Lauren have both been part of Apostles Church and glad that we’ve been able to share a Community Group. Excited for you as you start this next chapter and grateful to still be able to walk alongside you. Praying for you!

Congrats Ryan! Enjoy your day and looking forward to seeing where life takes you next!


Congratulations from the Cook Family! May the Lord abundantly bless you and Lauren in the years to come!

Ryan, Before they close the digital yearbook, I wanted to congratulate you on earning your degree. I enjoyed having you as a student in Foundations of Politics, Constitutional Law, and Russia & the West and am grateful for your questions and contributions to class discussion. Please stay in touch. I wish you many blessings in your life after TKC.

RYAN!!! Congratulations on graduating (and for being engaged to Lauren woo wooo)! I am so grateful that we are friends, and pray that the Lord blesses you in everything that you do!

Ryan! I will never forget when our bond was solidified in Israel. That was such a fun trip and I owe a lot of that to you! I am so happy we have become good friends over the past four years. I’ll never forget during preseason of freshman year when you had your shirt wrapped around your head during a scrimmage and I was just so baffled that this is what college soccer is like. Please keep in touch and never stop being you. Love you man.

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